Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reo-Coker On The Way?

Iain Dale of West Ham Till I Die, who was the first to break the story that Calum Davenport was to sign for West Ham, claims that his source for that story has told him Nigel Reo-Coker may well sign for Sp~rs before the transfer deadline.

Apparently Sp~rs are trying to sell Tainio to Villa to raise the funds for this deal. Iain's source says that this rumour doesn't have the 'same degree of certainty' as the Davenport signing but has the whiff of authenticity after Reo-Coker's agent's stirrings yesterday.

Interviewed on Sky Sports Tony Finnigan claimed that "For the
next 14 games Nigel will give his 110 per cent that is what I can guarantee every single West Ham supporter." This had been widely interpreted as meaning that Nigel no longer sees his future at West Ham and would be moving on at the end of the season. There is every possibility that Magnusson and Curbishley decided after meeting Finnigan that there is little point holding onto a player who is not committed to West Ham's cause.

However Magnusson also seems to be prepared to spend whatever it takes to keep West Ham in the Premiership. My feeling is he may well let Reo-Coker go but only if he and Curbishley can find a replacement.


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