Saturday, February 16, 2008

West Ham Round Up

West Ham's elimination from the FA Cup has had the benefit of giving the team a week's rest. Mark Noble will relish the opportunity more than most. Noble played for England Under 21's before last week's Birmingham game and then had to withdraw from the team shortly before kick-off.

"It wasn't a pulled hamstring, it was a little bit of fatigue over the last week or so that I have been feeling," said the West Ham midfielder.

"The manager said 'don't risk it, it is better to miss one game than miss four'. I just took a decision to rest it and I will be back for the next game I am sure. You need the little breaks. I can rest the hamstring and I will be fully fit for Fulham."

West Ham Under 18's take on the leaders of their league group, Southampton today. Freddie Sears, who has scored eight goals in his last five appearances, could play an important factor in the result.

Perpetually 'linked with West Ham' Nicky Shorey seems to have once again stalled in his contract negotiations with Reading. Therefore most of the papers are dusting down their tired old lines about 'West Ham keeping a close eye' on proceedings'.


At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if you saw the BBC sport site today, but they had an interesting headline..."West Ham drop out of Rich List".

You would think at this point Manchester City, being higher in the table and more free spending than any club outside the top four, would have been part of that headline. They too dropped off the list, along with Rangers. To me, it seems West Ham is the least likely of the teams to point to falling off the list but the BBC reports it as such anyway.

Even further, on the site of the company who does this report, there is an explanation for why the teams dropped off and why they will be returning to the list. Of course, no mention of this on any of the usual sites.

Is this bias really as rampant as it seems from here? It seems like giving a compliment in the direction of West Ham is akin to giving a compliment to George W. Bush over here.
Note: The actual article has a different headline, but the links to it on the BBC Sport site all say "West Ham drop...",1014,sid%253D2834%2526cid%253D191865,00.html

Chris, NYC

At 11:10 AM, Blogger portugal said...

agree chris,there is a sizable portion of the media in the UK, who choose to try to take any opportunity to portray west ham in a negative light, whether it s warranted or not. tends to be more of the lower quality rag sheets ,such as the daily mail that do it, but the BBC is not immune, particularly those responsible for match of the day.


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