Tuesday, July 15, 2008

City Want Bellamy As Well

The Daily Mail's doom laden article about West Ham's perilous financial state has spread to The Sun and The Telegraph. Today both papers claim that Manchester City are likely to land both Bellamy and Neill as Curbishley is being forced to cut the wage bill at West Ham.


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what these unclever, and in the case of 2, disreputable papers fail to take into account is a very simple reality.

If we sell players like Bellamy and Green ,particularly after letting Zamora go, we leave ourselves vulnerable to relegation.

In which case, the owner effectively loses his entire investment in West Ham. Slightly cash strapped ?- maybe, but even that is likely an exaggeration. But ready to jeopardize the future of the club ,and his own investment?

Not chance. Learn to use your brains media muppets. Or is that why you write tosh for a living- because you can t succeed in business,or run a business yourselves?

West Ham will eat these idiots, chew them up , and spit them out. we ve been doing it for decades ,and will continue to do so.

r.t.f.o. you irons


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