Wednesday, July 16, 2008

West Ham Need the Readies

Most of the media have jumped on a statement from Bobby Zamora as proof that West Ham are feeling the pinch more than most. Zamora said,

"West Ham are my club, always will be and I love it to bits. But it's business. The club need money. How much is anyone's guess."

No one in the media has speculated that Zamora might have only meant West Ham needed to sell him in order to raise transfer funds.


At 12:43 AM, Blogger Simon said...

im still not understanding the need to transfer players that cant be demanding that much of a wage due to "raising transfer funds"
zamora and paintsil cant be over 20k each a week and the estimates of neill, ljungberg and co are alot more attractive..

seems to me the strings are tightening on the pocket of mr gudmunson, unless of course we make some very decent signings out of the transfers of squad players..

At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with simon that the wages of pantsil and zamora shud not have been a problem. also agree
that the test is whether the funds raised are used towards picking up another player or not- until that happens, or not, the media are just blowing lukewarm air,per usual.

Also, as Simon suggests, if wages were really such an issue why not sell Neill and Boa Morte,both of whom wud be on considerable wages? Neill,tho very capable when at his best,seems to be someone we can live without because he s too inconsistent, and Boa Morte can t be expected to survive another season of booing,so why not sell these 2 if money is such an issue?

The media can spout off what they want. after all, what s the worst that can happen to the press when they print rubbish or outrite lies? a small fine at worst, as has happened to the murat bloke in the McCan case in portugal. but the facts don t lie. and the facts are that the three players that the club have let go ,and i admit i m sorry that these 3 have gone, were all only marginally involved last season, in Solano,Zamora and Pantsil. which looks like exactly what it says on the tin. wage trimming.not a club in crisis as the media suggests.

We improved Ashton s contract. We haven t sold Ljungberg as the tabloids brazenly predicted.
We haven t even sold Ferdinand, and surely if we were desperate, we d have eagerly pawned hm off to newcastle.

Apparently it s too much for these media muppets to recognize that oil and food prices are rising,the economy is slowing,the credit crunch persists ,and even Arsenal are having to sell players. Apart from Chelsea there aren t many clubs throwing silly money around . Belt tightening is happening,and will continue around the league- it isn t just WHU that are affected. But that wud be too much for the media muppets to take on board wudn t it?
low rent pikers

g portugal

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently, some of those papers can do a lot worse than just printing useless articles:
Lying in San Martino hospital the day after his beating, Covell came round to find his shoulder being shaken by a woman who, he understood, was from the British embassy. It was only when the man with her started taking photographs that he realised she was a reporter, from the Daily Mail. Its front page the next day ran an entirely false report describing him as having helped mastermind the riots. (Four long years later, the Mail eventually apologised and paid Covell damages for invasion of privacy.)


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