Thursday, July 17, 2008

West Ham to Make New Signings

West Ham have told the BBC that they do intend to make some summer signings and that they don't necessarily have to sell players in order to buy. However the 'senior source' at West Ham did acknowledge that the club were trying to reduce the squad and the current wage bill.

"We effectively have four teams on the payroll - that is far too big a squad," a senior club source told BBC Sport.

"We will be signing players and have specific requirements. We don't have to sell before we buy necessarily.

"The optimum squad size is probably about 26 or 27 players. Our squad has become so big for a couple of reasons - the relegation battle we had in 2006/7 and the spate of injuries of 2007/8."

The source also told the BBC that there has been a focus on improving the training and fitness facilities at the club. Several new appointments have been made to the medical staff and the club is in the final stages of purchasing land for a new training complex.


At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the comments on medical staff etc are encouraging. i also think it was useful in terms of public relations that the club communicated to a reasonably reliable media source what the situation is regarding transfers. and the situation is exactly what any sane person wud expect- trimming the wage bill of a squad that did indeed get too large owing to the relegation battle and horrible spate of injuries.

And no ,we re not in a crisis ,tabloid muppets. and no, tabloid crumsuckers,we don t need to sell loads of players before we can buy. any part of that you illiterate fake journalist prunes don t understand?

g portugal


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