Monday, June 28, 2010

Redknapp Wants the England Job

Harry Redknapp is the first manager to throw his hat into the ring for the non-existent England manager job.

At the time of writing Capello still says he wants to remain in the job. This presumably means the FA will have to fork out a fortune for their ridiculous decision to offer him a new contract before the World Cup had even started.

One thing is sure though and that is that Harry Redknapp wants the job. Here's what he had to say on the subject today,

"I'm English, who wouldn't want to manage England? There's not an Englishman - whether it's me, Roy Hodgson or Sam Allardyce - who would turn the job down because it's our country and we want to manage our country.

No one is ever going to turn that job down. If you're English you cannot not want to manage your country."

So, in Harry's eyes, the candidates are him, Allardyce and Roy Hodgson. Working on the basis that only Sam Allardyce thinks he is good enough to manage England that leaves a straight choice between Roy Hodgson and Harry Redknapp.

I'd be happy with either of those two.

Roy Hodgson strikes me as a safe pair of hands. He has 'experience'. Experience of managing big clubs and experience of managing in Europe.

Harry Redknapp on the other hand likes attractive attacking football. If we accept that England have little chance of actually winning a World Cup perhaps we could settle for at least having teams that we will enjoy watching.

That's why Redknapp would be my choice. At least with Harry's game we would be guaranteed some attacking intent and a little fun before the inevitable disappointment.


At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either one is good and wud be a huge improvement - Martin O'neill wud also be a good choice. Anyone who understands British culture and speaks proper english, and who can adapt his thinking to the modern game. Not the inept /overpaid morons who've been in charge previously.


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