Monday, February 18, 2008

West Ham's Season Starts Now

I'm going a bit stir crazy with West Ham's two week rest from football. Another by-product of the rest is that there is very little West Ham news around at the moment.

However after the poor results in the last two games maybe a rest was what the players needed. On the official site Lucas Neill said that the break has given the team a good chance to 'recharge the batteries'.

"The best way to look at it now is to start our season from when we get back," said the West Ham captain.

"We have got 13 games left, how many can we win, how far can it take us. Let's forget about everything that has happened and hope that we have got an 80 to 90 per cent squad fit to choose from and start the season now.

We have to keep a small eye on our rivals Tottenham now who seem to be gaining momentum and seem to be getting things right. They are only five points behind as a result of our last two performances and not picking up enough points. We don't want to drop out of the top ten, that is the first thing. We have lost opportunities but there is still the opportunity to strive for fifth or sixth place."


At 10:26 AM, Blogger portugal said...

i think neill s assessment is spot on. despite teh disappointing previous 2 results, a lot of good work has been done ,amidst difficult circumstances this season. he s right- the club needs to stay ahead of spurs and maintain a top 10 place for the duration. and 6th place is not out of the question if the squad is prepared to fight for it. 13 games is a long time-a 7 point gap with a game in hand against a struggling liverpool is not too much for close.

At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Karl said...

I am glad that the team has this break. This is the only league I have ever heard of where the players don't get a real break until the summer.

The injury list has been appalling and having a holiday can only do wonders for the "new season".

Good luck to all.

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