Saturday, July 19, 2008

West Ham Close on Behrami and Angry at Green

The Independent claim that West Ham are close to securing the signature of Behrami. They say that Nani has played 'a major role' in the arrival of the 23 year old. Whilst Behrami's arrival has led some papers to speculate that Neill could be on the way to Man City The Independent say that West Ham insist that both Neill and Behrami can play in a number of positions.

The Independent claim that West Ham are aware that Neill can play at left back and that Sunderland may make another offer for George McCartney that will be too good to refuse.

The paper claims that West Ham are so angry with Green's comments to The Sun that they are considering fining and disciplining the player. The Independent say that West Ham are on the look out for a young keeper as back-up for Green and already have a shortlist of five drawn up by Curbishley and Nani.


At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what I thought might be the result of Green s unfortunate outburst - it s difficult to see how Green s position at the club can be tenable now, as he s soured the mood ,and stirred up a hornet s nest. That the player feels he deserves consideration for improved contract terms , I don t have an issue with ,altho I still think that the appropriate time to discuss that wud have been summer 2009 ,as previously agreed upon by the player and the club. But to go public in the manner that he did showed very poor judgement. His decision to rant publicly about the issue,again,assuming reasonable accuracy in the initial media report, did neither him nor the club any favors. It s unlikely to get him improved terms at WHU. It creates unrest in the dressing room,and on the training ground. And it also lowers the potential fee that we get for selling him, and lowers the potential wages he gets from another club, because now the whole world knows that West Ham and the player have fallen out. So this has just been a major excercise in shooting oneself in the foot.

He s a very talented keeper,but I have real doubts about him still being at the club come august 31 st ,with someone like Niemi potentially available.

As for mcCartney,i really hope we keep him. I think it wud be a major mistake to sell him,and even more ill-advised than releasing Solano ,Pantsil and Zamora.

Ferdinand. Bowyer. Boa Morte (as he s indicated he wants out) . Reid. Davenport . Quashie. Either one of Collins or Gabbidon,but not both. And I daresay it, but at the rite price, Lucas Neill,who just may be a step and a half too slow now. These are reasonable candidates for sale. Not George McCartney ,who by the admission of virtually all connected to the club was one of our most reliable players last term,if not the most reliable.

Clearing out a few fringes is one thing. But getting rid of a player,even at a good price, who can help form the backbone of a very good side,is another matter altogether

g portugal

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Rich said...

I think green deserves a new deal he's one of our best players by far! It would be a real loss if he went! get your fingers out west ham give him a new deal.

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alex Ferguson and Man Utd are considering taking legal action against Spurs ,in response to comments attributed to Ferguson in what publication? The Sun. Funny that .The Sun . The tabloid that doesn t print "underhanded" or "inaccurate " stories.

Yeah ,rite. The Sun can be trusted. And Gordon Brown will have all the country s problems solved in the morning. And the rest of the world s by Tuesday.

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Ian the hammer said...

Robert Green is a very silly boy. I was mad at the Hammers until I heard our statement (see how I put our). He goes to africa & comes back a hero amongst footballers, but the deal he did was sound last year & he was happy to agree a review next summer so why go to the papers. Get rid, ta ta.

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

think the sentence from 12.30 is spot on.
"the deal he did last summer was sound." What has changed in a year? Why did he agree to 2009 as the review date back then,if he wasn t content with that .

what seems to have changed is that ashton got a contract extension and now Green s nose is out of joint.

Players ,at WHU and elswhere, need to learn that when they sign on the dotted line,ensuring themselves financial security even if they under-perform, they don t have the right to re-negotiate one year later. A contract is there to be honored ,and constant re-negotiation shud not be part of the process.

As talented as Green may be, after what i ve seen this week, I think we can live without him.

g portugal


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