Friday, July 18, 2008

West Ham Statement on Robert Green

Over recent weeks some sections of the national press have been suggesting that Robert Green has been frustrated because West Ham were not renewing his contract and that the club were therefore likely to sell him.

Robert Green was quoted in The Sun this morning as saying,

"No matter what the figures are in the workplace in terms of wages, you either feel a valued member of your staff or you don't. At the moment, I don't and clearly West Ham don't care about me.

"If you put the strongest West Ham XI out, I'd be the lowest earner by a long, long way. I do not even want to be close to the top earner at the club - I don't care about that. I would just like some parity.

“I am not getting in the England squad at the moment and I’m not getting European football, but I love it here, which is why I want to sign a long contract. The fans here are fantastic. Why would I want to leave? After asking for a long-term contract, the club turned around and said ‘no’ without a real explanation.

“It wouldn’t have been as bad if they had said no and then given their reasons. The club might say ‘you don’t need to sign a new contract as you’ve got three years left’. Fine. But how highly do they value me as a player? Realistically, look at Dean (Ashton) who has signed a new contract this summer. Good luck to him. Brilliant.

“He’s a great player and I have no doubts he will become an England regular. Obviously, West Ham value him a hell of a lot more than they value me. In fact, I feel completely under-valued.

"Generally, the situation here leaves a question mark whether the club are rewarding success and you end up questioning yourself and questioning your future.

“I know there are clubs interested in me. If it turns out they value me more, then I will have to make a decision. It is strange because if it was the other way round, and I was holding fire after being offered a new contract from West Ham, the club would be making sure I was getting hammered by the fans. Surely, it works both ways.”

West Ham have released the following statement in response to the growing speculation about Green's future,

"Less than a year ago, Robert Green entered into a five-year contract with West Ham United. The club were delighted to recognise his status as our No1 goalkeeper and rewarded him with this long-term deal.

"At the time the player entered into the new contract, he requested a mechanism to review the terms in summer 2009. This was and remains the appropriate time to review. We value Robert Green highly, that is why we gave him a five-year contract less than 12 months ago. We have no intention of selling him and do not propose to comment on this further.


At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done west ham, amd thx keir, for presenting this.

keep shoving it right up the prostate of the mugs who write tripe for the tabloid tosspots.

in your face tabloid trash

g portugasl

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

Sorry Portugal,

I found the West Ham statement before realising that Green actually had been speaking to the papers. I've now added Green's comments - which kind of puts a whole new light on this.

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

for a start ,it doesn t do green s case any good to be taking it public with trash like the sun. this shud be between him and the club, nobody else.

if the player thinks he s undervalued,he shud communicate that directly to the club,and if he feels strongly enough about it,put in a transfer request ,rather than air grievances with the mighty sun.

Secondly,the guy has in excess of 3 years left on his contract. This is no Frank Lampard situation where the player has less than a year to run on his deal. He wanted a long term contract, and he got one. So the player can t moan about not having long term commitment from the club. So at issue is what? whether the guy s wages shud be increased in advance of the agreed 2009 time that had been set to review the situation?

As for not being in the England set-up ,that isn t West Ham s fault. Keepers from clubs finishing in the bottom half of the table havE been chosen ahead of Green, which was Mclaren s and is noe Capello s fault. Not West Ham s .

Thirdly, Green forgets that when we took him from Norwich,he was unproven still in the Premier League. We took a gamble. Where were the big 4 back then?? They weren t so interested in Rob Green at the time ,were they?

Finally, you don t go from 15th place, surviving relegation by a thread, to European football overnite. it takes several seasons at a minimum. Not to mention, that we had not experienced a catostrophic run of injuries, we mite not have been a million miles away from teh European football Green says he wants , in teh form of UEFA slot.

Does Green think that Villa and Everton have done it overnight? They haven t. it s taken time ,especially for Everton. But it s happened at Everton by virtue of building a side and keeping it together,without needless infighting and moaning about player contracts.

Green may be entitled to consideration for a wage increase, even in advance of the 2009 review date- he may have reasonable case. But there is a way of going about it. And spilling the beans to the sun isn t teh way.

of course,it will be interetsing to see how accurate this sun story is. Did the paper take quotes out of context? Did it misquote him fullstop,or twist his words. We ll see.
Because if they ve been inaccurate in reporting this story ,the lawsuit they lost to Murat won t be the only suit they lose this year. or next

g portugal

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

I think the length of the quote suggests that this is not a misquote or underhanded by The Sun.

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

their track record isn t exactly inspiring for either accuracy or honesty. I m inclined to think that while parts of the story may be accurate ,parts may be less so, or that certain comments may not have been presented in context.

I find it hard to believe that Green wud have been foolish enuf to say some of the things that have been attributed to him here. The highly specific nature of the comments attributed to him, regarding the wage structure at the club, and his specific position within that structure , don t sound fully credible,or else were particularly ill-advised. Leave it it to paper like the sun though, to either elicit ,or concoct comments like that ,or some combo of the 2.

The club s response has been sensible

At 2:21 PM, Blogger Simon said...

why the F@*k would we undervalue the best english keeper and one of the best in the premiership?!??!

I cant imagine losing green..

At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope we can keep him,despite the fact that,if you can believe the accuracy of the sun report,he doesn t seem to be going about resolving the situation in the best way.

If you re trying to build a side ,clearly u need a top drawer keeper. Given what Ashton has been granted ,I can understand Green feeling he is worthy of improved terms, but at the same time ,Green cud have handled this better. What is irritating is what looks to be
inadequate communication between player and club, again, assuming the accuracy of the story. But it takes 2 to tango, and it is a very difficult economic climate. You wud hope if the club is serious about moving forward,and if the player is genuine in his feeling for West Ham ,that there is room for compromise here before things get too sour.

I hope it doesn t come down to this ,but given the availability of Niemi at Fulham ,who is not going to want to sit on the bench now that Schwarzer has arrived, it wouldn t surprise me to see the club call Green s bluff.

It can t make for a very good atmosphere in pre-season when one of your most important players goes public about an issue like this ,which is why I m hoping that the reprt isn t entirely accurate. You can cross a line sometimes, and my fear is that Green may have done that with a couple of these comments ,even if you can understand his frustration to a certain extent.

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

previous from g portugal


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