Monday, November 16, 2009

Upson Staying at West Ham

Matthew Upson has said that he is staying at West Ham. However inevitably some papers are already beginning to spin this as him saying he wants to leave West Ham.

"Losing at West Ham is not affecting my performance," said Upson. "You take pride in that no matter where the team is.

"It is not easy and it probably is better to be somewhere where you are winning matches, but West Ham is where I am at. I have a job to do for them.

"I won't let that affect my international aspirations. I am at West Ham. That is my club. If something is put in front of me, and I have to make a decision about my future, then I will.

"At the moment it is not something I am thinking about. I am a West Ham player. Unless something happens, I am fully concentrated on them."


At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So annoying...reading that it sounds like he is saying he is a WH player until something else is offered to him, but i suspect that the reporter has asked some leading questions to get such a a response.

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to be cynical but it looks like Upsom is on his way out while trying to pretend he isn't . He seems like a decent bloke but he obviously would love to be playing for a "top filth club". Who knows what would happen if we got decent investment but until that posibility becomes a realty we have to accept that our better player are nothing but toys for the ugly rich kids to abuse. I really hate how football has co
e to this.

At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes- it doesn t sound committed at all, which is not a criticism of the player. the player just seems to ,understandably ,accept ,that come january he cud be forced to make a decision.

Again,soley because of the ineptitude of the owners. If the club is taken over by solvent owners ,with sound business judgement and integrity,before the window opens,then there is no need for anybody to be sold. If the club remains in the hands of teh current morons, then we are at risk of losing more key players, stupidly, even at the risk of relegation. That's how dumb these owners are.

It is ashame teh sport has come to this. that s what happens when scum like Abramovich are allowed to spend hundreds of millions on transfers, and when teams like Man Utd are allowed to rack up hundreds of millions in debt. In the end ,the result is a boring spectacle ,with the same old,same old at the top. It s simply a battle of finances-who can outspend who, no more ,no less. And the sport has suffered . Attendances are down .

That s what happens when schmucks like the FA,UEFA and FIFA think only with their wallets and nothing else.

Every day these Icelanprics delay selling the club brings the club closer to destruction. Who is going to want to buy a club that is continually selling off its assets while drifting in and out of the drop zone?? No wonder these losers got stung by subprime debt and credit derivatives. They couldn t manage themsleves out of a toilet


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