Saturday, November 06, 2010

Shake Up Coming in January

According to The Daily Mail David Sullivan has told manager Avram Grant that West Ham must take seven points from their next three matches.

"If we don't achieve that we know we have a real problem and that we have to shuffle the pack," he warned.

However The Express have a full interview with David Sullivan that reveals that the manager's job is safe and that Sullivan is actually talking about selling and buying players in January.

"In five or six games, if we take stock and say, ‘We are a relegation side’, then in January we have to bring people in.

"We will have to find the money from somewhere – sell a few, buy a few, shake the pack up. If the hand we have got hasn’t delivered enough points in the first half of the season, then we have to change our hand."

"We have a history of standing by our managers because that is the moral thing to do and because, statistically, it is no more successful changing your manager than it is sticking it out."

“I don’t see any sign whatsoever that he (Grant) has lost the dressing room."


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