Monday, April 30, 2007

West Ham Eye Racing Duo

Sky Sports say that West Ham dispatched a scout at the weekend to watch Racing Santander's Ruben Gonzalez and Ezequiel Garay. Manchester United, Tottenham, Everton and Bolton have all watched the two players in recent months.

Both players are central defenders, although the Argentinian Garay (to be signed as company for Tevez?) can also play on the right wing.

West Ham's Luck Has Changed

Yesterday's loss by Fulham and the events of the last few days have finally convinced me we can escape relegation. Compare the confidence emanating from the Boleyn with the whining from Jewell and Warnock. The Wigan manager and Chairman sound like men who believe they are already down and need someone else to blame.

Eggert Magnusson on the other hand is brimming with confidence,

"As I sat there watching the game and listening to our fans, I felt so proud to be the Chairman of West Ham United.

We can now look forward to next Saturday's final home match against Bolton Wanderers with confidence and belief. I know that our fans will create another fantastic atmosphere and I am sure the players can respond again with a winning performance."

That confidence must now be flowing through the whole West Ham squad. If we can beat Bolton next week and Boro can beat Wigan or Fulham in either of their remaining two games I think we will survive.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

West Ham Goals

In the Papers

The Sunday Mirror claim Terence Brown has yet to receive the full amount from the Eggert Magnusson takeover of West Ham. The new owners intend now to withhold £5.5 million to cover the Premier League imposed fine.

The Mirror also speculate that the FA may now be forced to take action against West Ham for Tevez' appearances in the FA Cup. They wonder if West Ham will be thrown out of next year's FA Cup.

The News of the World claim that West Ham avoided a points deduction because of Eggert Magnusson. Magnusson pleaded guilty to a breach of rules but made it clear he would fight any points deduction in the courts. Faced with having the uncertainty of who would eventually be relegated from the Premiership dragging on for months the League had little option but to decide against a points deduction.

The People claim that the £5.5 million fine will be deducted from Alan Curbishley's £12 million transfer kitty.

The Star claim West Ham are interested in David James' nephew Preston Edwards,, currently keeping for Millwall reserves.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Curbs Post Match Interview

Wigan 0 West Ham 3

A superb goal by Boa Morte on the half hour gave West Ham a deserved first half lead. The goal came from a long ball forward from Neill which Boa Morte ran onto and managed to chip left-footed over an out rushing Filan, to score from 25 yards.

West Ham were then lucky not to extend their lead, first in the 38th minute from an excellent turn and nutmeg from Tevez on the edge of the area from which he shot a curling ball just wide of the right hand post. And then a minute later an excellent move from West Ham ended with Benayoun feeding the ball into Zamora in the box, Zamora back heeling the ball to Tevez whose shot was then blocked.

Wigan didn't have much to shout about themselves. Hesky had their best chance in the first half with a 7 yard header which he put a couple of yards wide.

It only took West Ham eleven minutes of the second half to extend their lead. The move that brought the goal started from deep in West Ham's own half when Tevez picked up the ball and had the freedom to run with the ball as far as the halfway line. Tevez was then closed down but he set McCartney free on the left wing with a short pass. McCartney was then free himself to run down the wing until he was level with the edge of the penalty area when he crossed the ball for Zamora. Zamora received the ball and quickly knocked the ball square for Benayoun who slotted the ball into the bottom left of the goal from 12 yards.

In the 64th minute West Ham should have made it three. Tevez shot from 6 yards and hit the post, the ball rebounded to Reo-Coker who shot from 10 yards straight at Mat Jackson. In the 81st minute a rampant West Ham got their third goal. Tevez from just outside the West Ham penalty area fed Reo-Coker free on the left wing. Reo-Coker crossed for Boa Morte who found himself one-on-one with the keeper. Boa Morte then cheekily knocked the ball left so that an on rushing Harewood just had to knock the ball into the back of an open net.

This was probably West Ham's best performance of the season and definitely their best away game. As early as the 70th minute West Ham were playing keep ball, to the accompanying 'Ole's' of the superb West Ham fans. The Wigan fans were shell-shocked into silence and then as soon as West Ham got their third almost to a man deserted the ground.

COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBC Report into League Judgement

Ignore the parts about Tevez, which appear now to have been sorted, and instead celebrate in Mark Lawrenson's prediction - this is the most positive sign yet that we will avoid relegation.

Wigan vs West Ham

Hopefully today West Ham can turn Dave Whelan's bleatings into the squealings of a stuffed pig. It certainly would be poetic justice if the Wigan chairman, who tried to ensure his club's survival in the Premier League by calling for West Ham to have points deducted, saw his team drawn further into the quagmire by a West Ham win today.

Radio Commentary is available on-line (UK only) on Radio Five Live.

Lots of live video streams are also available. Links to a number of streams are here.

West Ham to Sue Old Regime

The Guardian today say that West Ham are unlikely to appeal against yesterday's verdict, as an appeal might decide that West Ham should have points deducted after all. Instead the paper believes, that with the hearing having clearly exonerated Eggert Magnusson and having so clearly accused Brown, Aldridge and Duxbury, the club may instead attempt to sue Brown for the £5.5 million imposed by the Premier League.

The paper also reveals that though the judgement stated that "the registration of Tevez can be terminated by the Premier League", it can no longer happen as West Ham now have a loan agreement with MSI similar to the one that permitted Mascherano to move to Liverpool.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Judgement

The full judgement of the hearing into Tevez and Mascherano can be read here.

Essentially the hearing have decided that the signing of Tevez and Mascherano was clearly linked with Joorbachian's attempt to buy the club. The hearing is equally clear that Eggert Magnusson "had no part to play in, or then had any knowledge of, the events that led to these proceedings."

The hearing found that "the economic rights of Tevez are owned exclusively and absolutely by MSI and Just Sports Inc ... the companies had the sole, exclusive and unilateral right, upon serving written notice to the club during the January transfer window, to terminate his contract with West Ham upon payment to the club of £2 million ... the companies have the unilateral option to exercise that right of termination during any subsequent UK transfer window for the sum of £100,000 payable to the club."

West Ham's strange defence to these arguments appears to have been that although West Ham signed contracts with MSI that ensured the company essentially retained ownership of the players, those contracts were "clearly invalid as being in restraint of trade". So West Ham signed the contracts but that was OK because the contracts weren't enforceable under employment law.

The hearing, whilst acknowledging that the contracts may well have been 'in restraint of trade' rejected West Ham's arguments and decided "that West Ham believed that they were entering into valid, enforceable contracts and were of that belief at all relevant times."

Therefore the hearing decided that West Ham broke Rule U18 and that "third parties acquired the ability materially to influence the club's policies or performance of the team." Although the hearing also accepted West Ham's argument that at no time did West Ham allow third parties to influence the club's policies or performance.

Duxbury's defence appears to be that in a telephone call about the signings with the Premier League he was not told about Rule 18. The Premier League claims he was. Again this seems a strange defence - surely everyone knows ignorance of a law / rule is not a valid defence.

Because of media speculation about the signings the Premier League later contacted Duxbury and "asked him if the club had entered into any arrangements with any third parties." The Premier League says that "his answer was an unequivocal "no". Mr Duxbury says that he essentially ducked that question. He did not say yes, he did not say no." He also claimed he still did not know about Rule 18.

The Premier League intrigued as to how West Ham had acquired the players so cheaply contacted the club and were told by Mr Aldridge that "there was no such documentation and the players had come to the club as part of the takeover by Mr Joorabchian; that they had reached a gentlemen's agreement whereby the players would be released by the club for a modest fee if the takeover did not take place." The Premier League therefore claim that they thought the deals were legitimate and allowed them to go ahead.

The hearing's judgement then is that Duxbury and Aldridge both misled the Premier League. Furthermore the hearing is clearly sceptical of Duxbury's claims that he didn't know about Rule U18, "we cannot say that Mr Duxbury must have been aware of Rule U18 but we find it surprising that he was not. He has been involved in providing legal advice to football clubs for many years. To be unaware of the rules and/or to fail to research the rules so as to discover the impact of U18 is, as we say, surprising."

The hearing clearly states that they believe Brown, Aldridge and Duxbury intentionally withheld the contracts with MSI from the Premier League,

"Messrs Brown, Aldridge and Duxbury were anxious to complete the registration of these players by the deadline of 31st August. They knew that the only means by which they could acquire them would be by entering into the third party contracts. Equally, they were aware that the FAPL, at the very least, may not -- and in all probability would not -- have approved of such contracts. They determined to keep their existence from the FAPL."

In the case of Rule B13 "an officer of the club, its chief executive officer (Aldridge), told Mr Scudamore a direct lie, namely there was no documentation of whatever kind in respect of these players which the FAPL had not seen."

The hearing decided then that "The club has been responsible for dishonesty and deceit." In deciding not to make a points deduction the hearing took a number of things into consideration, including,

1. West Ham pleaded guilty
2. The club is now under new ownership
3. The players and fans are innocent

The club have been fined "£2.5 million in respect of breach of Rule U18, and £3 million in respect of breach of B13."

Tevez Can Play

Following some confusion after today's judgement on the signing of Tevez and Mascherano the club have issued an official statement stating that Tevez can play for the club.

"Following discussions with the FA Premier League, West Ham United can confirm that Carlos Tevez is available for selection for the rest of the season, including tomorrow's game against Wigan Athletic.

The actual registration of Carlos Tevez has not been called into question and he remains a West Ham United player approved by the Premier League."

West Ham Fined £5.5 Million

West Ham have been fined £5.5 million by the hearing into the signing of Tevez and Mascherano but have escaped a points deduction. The hearing report also said "the registration of Carlos Tevez can be terminated". However, the Premier League has yet to confirm if it will.

West Ham have issued the following statement,

"West Ham received a fair hearing. The club's submission that the contracts gave no actual influence to any third party was accepted by the commission.

"The club regrets the fact that they fell foul of the FA Premier League regulations, but the new owners of the club now want to focus on matters on the pitch and remaining in the Premier League. The threat of a points deduction has now been removed and the club's fate remains in its own hands.

"The club believes that promotion and relegation issues should be decided on the pitch and we are pleased that the commission agree with that view.

"The club will reflect on the financial penalty that has been imposed and will take advice before commenting on the possibility of an appeal or any further steps that might be taken."

The £5.5 million fine is a record for the Premier League and seems wildly disproportionate to the actual supposed crime.

Aldridge Not Called To West Ham Hearing

Paul Aldridge, West Ham United's former managing director was not called to give evidence to the Premier League disciplinary panel yesterday. The hearing sat for three hours to hear West Ham's deposition, which was presented by Scott Duxbury and Eggert Magnusson. A verdict is expected today.

According to The Mail and The Express West Ham are likely to escape a points deduction today but should face a heavy fine. The BBC came to a similar conclusion about a month ago, however neither have any real of knowing what the three man panel will decide today.

Pardew Supports West Ham

Alan Pardew, in marked contrast to Wigan chairman Dave Whelan, has said that he hopes West Ham are not deducted points by the Premier League,

"All things considered, it is best if football decides. On the pitch is where it matters."

Alan Curbishley has defended Whelan, who led the calls for an investigation into West Ham. Curbishley presumably does not want to rankle Wigan fans before tomorrow's game. Whelan however has obviously suspected for a long time that Wigan's football alone wouldn't be enough to keep them in the Premiership and that their best chance of survival is a points deduction for West Ham.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Premier League Hearing

The Premier League hearing into West Ham's signing of Tevez and Mascherano has been adjourned until tomorrow (Friday). Eggert Magnusson was in attendance at the hearing this morning. The hearing ended at lunchtime and will reconvene tomorrow, when proceedings are expected to be concluded.

Walker to Leave, Tevez to Stay

The Daily Mirror today reports on the future of two of West Ham's players. The paper claims that Jimmy Walker is a target for Watford, to replace their first team keeper Ben Foster, who they say is off to Man Utd.

On the other hand the Mirror quote Carlos Tevez as saying the player wants to stay at West Ham if they survive in the Premiership,

"If West Ham stay in the Premier League, I want to stay. I don't know what will happen if the disaster happens."

Whether West Ham would be prepared to pay the £20 million that it would take to permanently sign the Argentinian is another matter.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eggy's Plans

The West Ham Official Site today published the second part of an interview with West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson. The interview isn't exactly revealing, with Magnusson repeating his ambition to make West Ham one of the top six clubs in England (aren't we already?) and to build a new stadium.

What is perhaps of more immediate interest is that Magnusson repeated the promise that Curbishley will not be forced to sell players if West Ham are relegated,

"We are totally committed to further supporting Alan Curbishley in the transfer market and whatever happens this season we are in control of any dealings we do in the summer.

Of course, there are likely to be changes to what is already a large squad but we will not have to sell any players if we do not wish and are dedicated to investing in the strength of the squad."

Also it is good to see Magnusson single out Mark Noble for special praise,

"We're fully focused on developing young players, as Mark Noble has been an excellent example of this season. He is a product of our highly-respected Academy and an integral part of our plans to maintain our Premiership status.

If he wasn't in the team he'd be in the stands as a supporter and that is the spirit that makes West Ham United such a unique football club."

Jewell Worried by West Ham Fans

With West Ham having sold more than 5,000 tickets for the Wigan game Paul Jewell is getting a little worried that his side could lose their home advantage. He has therefore called on the club's fans to try and match the West Ham fans,

"Saturday is not a must-win game, but it is a vital one for both sides. This is going to be an occasion when the fans can really play a major role - we need to create a real atmosphere.

The players know what they have to do, but when there is a big crowd behind them, the adrenaline will pump even faster. This is going to be a game for tough minds and tough bodies, when the players are going to have to put themselves on the line for the cause.

At the moment it's in our own hands. We know if we beat West Ham, we keep it that way going into the final home game of the season the week after."

West Ham Full of Confidence

Eggert Magnusson is brimming with confidence ahead of the Wigan game,

"We are all feeling positive. Throughout the Club everyone is confident that we can secure the results we need in our final three games to confirm our Premiership status. The management, players and backroom staff are all feeling bright and looking forward to facing the coming challenges as a close team.

Everyone is confident that we can go to Wigan and achieve a great result. We have so many of our fans travelling up to the game that we are sure to have an extra advantage."

If Eggy ever decides to give up his chairmanship of West Ham he could have bright new career as a sports psychologist.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Anton in the Papers Again

West Ham's Anton Ferdinand is pictured in today's The Sun his face supposedly 'contorted with rage' as he is held back by his minders at a nightclub. According to the paper Anton dropped an expensive ring at the The Time and Envy club in Romford and then accussed someone of stealing it.

OK this is The Sun and there may be nothing in the story, however given his upcoming court case and West Ham's relegation struggles you might think that Anton would be avoiding night clubs in Romford at the moment.

Jlloyd Samuel for West Ham

The People reported at the weekend that Villa's Jlloyd Samuel will be offered a contract by West Ham at the end of the season. The full-back has not started a first-team game since August and last week said he will not be staying at Villa Park.

Bolton and Boro are also apparently keen on the player but the opinion on some of the Villa blogs is that Samuel may fancy a move to West Ham even if we are relegated. Samuel is originally from London and was even on West Ham's books for a while as a youth. In fact Samuel was released by West Ham on the same day as Konchesky and Zamora.

The rumour is that West Ham will offer Samuel a four year deal and a chance to return to London could swing the deal West Ham's way.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Using the BBC Predictor

How objective are you when you use the BBC's Predictor ? Despite convincing myself I am being objective I think I always err in favour of West Ham. However I don't think I'm as optimistic as Russell Brand.

Here is Brand's assessment of the Charlton vs Sheff Utd game (1-1),

"Charlton and Sheffield Utd are playing each other. I predict they will field teams ridden with convicted sex offenders and face an automatic 20-point deduction leaving West ham in the clear, wahoo!"

Although a bit off the mark with that one, I'm sure he was pleased with the draw.

West Ham News

I've redesigned the West Ham Search yet again. This should be the last redesign for a while.

The reason for the redesign was that the feeds were taking too long to load. I've fixed this problem using the new Google Feeds API. The good news is that the feeds load almost instantly. However the downside is I now can't fit all the feeds on screen at once so a little scrolling is required.

West Ham News Round Up

The three-man panel deliberating on the signing of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano meet this Thursday and Friday.

Manchester United and Portsmouth are planning summer bids for Carlos Tevez if West Ham are relegated. Although Harry Redknapp knows he can't afford him. (Sunday Mirror)

Aston Villa defender J Lloyd Samuel will be offered a contract by West Ham when his Villa deal expires this summer. (The People)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a Goal!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Curbs on West Ham Win

West Ham 1 Everton 0

Can you take any more of this?

Bobby Zamora's goal and results elsewhere have resurrected West Ham's hopes once again.

We are now three points behind Sheff Utd and Wigan, but because of our goal difference we need to claw back four with three games to go.

Is it possible?

West Ham
Wigan vs West Ham
West Ham vs Bolton
Man Utd vs West Ham

Wigan vs West Ham
Wigan vs Boro
Sheff Utd vs Wigan

Sheff Utd
Sheff Utd vs Watford
Aston Villa vs Sheff Utd
Sheff Utd vs Wigan

Blackburn vs Charlton
Charlton vs Sp#rs
Liverpool vs Charlton

Arsenal vs Fulham
Fulham vs Liverpool
Boro vs Fulham

If we win away to Wigan then we certainly are still in with a shout and I think Curbishley is right in that 38 points should be good enough to stay up.

West Ham vs Everton

Radio Commentary of the game is available on BBC London DAB Digital Radio, Sky Channel 0152 and 765 Medium Wave.

Delayed 're-live' coverage of the game is being streamed by a number of channels. Links to streams here.

No Yossi Rift

Alan Curbishley has denied there is a rift between himself and Yossi Benayoun. Before Yossi's appearance on Wednesday it was rumoured that Curbishley was refusing to pick the Israeli and that Yossi would be leaving the club in the summer.

Curbishley insists however that Yossi Benayoun had no quarrel with his recent omission from the West Ham team,

"When Yossi was out of the side, we won those three games and I wanted to keep it as it was. Yossi didn't have a problem with not being in the side, he understood that."

Friday, April 20, 2007

West Ham vs Everton

Currently lying fifth in the table, Everton will be going into this game knowing they have a good chance of European football next year. West Ham obviously have their own reasons to win this game but are meeting the Toffees at the top of their game. Everton are unbeaten in seven and also have not lost in any of their last six away games.

Nuno Valente, Manuel Fernandes and Victor Anichebe have shaken off injuries for the Toffees, but James Vaughan is out. West Ham are keeping squad news close to their chest at the time of writing. Curbishley seems to have settled on Zamora and Tevez up front but seems unsure of the wide positions (unsurprising given the quality of crossing form the wide players this year). Have Benayoun and Boa Morte done enough to keep their positions? Do Bowyer and Etherington deserve to return to their positions?

Eggs - Sunny Side Up

In an interview with Sky Sports (click here for video) Eggert Magnusson says he remains confident that West Ham can avoid relegation,

"I still believe we can do it. I'm an optimist but it's getting serious now.

We played well in the first half, we had to play like that for the whole game then we would have got the result - they are all good players, I believe in them."

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Curbs Tries To Keep Hope Alive

Alan Curbishley thinks he has found the secret to avoid relegation - win some games,

"We need to win at least three games. I've been saying all along that we needed to win the majority of our games. And we've still got to win the majority of our games.

We need to win our home games."

It is nice to know he hasn't given up completely, personally I'm already there.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SWP vs West Ham

What might have been if only Zamora had slotted home the chance that fell to him at the start of the second half. But he didn't and the rest is history.

However it wasn't the inevitable folding of the West Ham team as the second half progressed that annoyed me tonight but a Carvalho dive in the second half.

Carvalho went up for a header with Zamora and threw himself theatrically to the ground. OK, so just a typical bit of cheating Chelski behaviour winning a freekick by diving. However Carvalho then got to his feet and indicated to the ref that Zamora, who had been nowhere near him, had elbowed him in the face.

Terry Prepared to Upset His Family

John Terry says that he wants West Ham to remain in the Premiership but not at Chelsea's expense. It is interesting to compare his considered words with Lumpard's unfortunate choice of the word 'war' to describe tonight's game.

Terry said,

"My dad had trials for West Ham when he was really young and all my family are West Ham fans. They will be in that end of the ground and I will get a bit of stick but that's how it has been for the last four or five years.

I was with West Ham as a boy and I've still got small feelings for the club. Hopefully they can stay up but hopefully not by beating us."

Yossi's Exit

The Daily Mirror claim that Sp~rs and Liverpool are both keen to sign Yossi Benayoun. The paper say that Yossi has accepted that his career at West Ham is over since falling out of favour with Curbishley.

It is strange how players not good enough to play for West Ham are good enough for Liverpool.

It's All Over for Teddy

In an interview with Sky Sports Teddy Sheringham says he has probably played his last game for West Ham. Asked about whether he will get another game under the present manager Teddy says,

"I shouldn't think so, not the way it is going. There is a 20-man squad for the game [Chelsea] and I am not in it, so I can't see it changing much really."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lucas Neill Next West Ham Captain

There have been rumours for a couple of weeks that Lucas Neill will be West Ham's next club captain after Reo-Coker leaves. This of course will be dependent on Lucas Neill staying at West ham himself. What lends credence to the rumour is that Neill already seems to have become the spokesmen for the players whilst Reo-Coker remains silent.

Evidence of this is Neill's rallying cry on the official site ahead of tomorrow's game,

"We have three home matches - all of which are winnable in my opinion, a very important away match at Wigan, and then a trip to Manchester United on the final day of the season.

There is still so much to play for, and it is important that we don't lose heart. We have to bounce back immediately and react quickly, and it's great to have a home game on Wednesday against Chelsea because it is a chance to lift ourselves again.

We have to realise that there are still 15 points to play for, and we have to fight for every single one of them. We can still end up smiling at the end of the season."

Joe Cole Expecting Poor Reception

According to The Sun Joe Cole is expecting the West Ham fans to give him a bit of a hard time on Wednesday,

"I’ve not been back to West Ham as a player since I left because I was suspended. But I’ve played against them at Stamford Bridge. I would imagine I’ll probably get some stick but that’s football."

Personally I can't see him being given a rough time. I'd rather he isn't playing, but that is because he is the only player with any flair in the Borg like Chelski side. Fat Frank however - that is a different matter altogether.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Corinthians Want Tevez Back

Sky Sports are reporting that the new manager of Corinthians Paulo Cesar Carpegiani is keen to resign West Ham's Carlos Tevez.

Tevez left the Brazilian club under a bit of a cloud after refusing to play for them. At one point Tevez was the fans' favourite player but his behaviour towards the end of his career at Corinthians means he would not be a popular signing now.

West Ham vs Chelsea

Alan Curbishley is in a defiant mood ahead of Wednesday's game,

"We go into that game against Chelsea trying to win three points and knowing that we must score. There are three points at stake out there and we've just got to go for it!"

West ham need to win the next two home games but a win against Chelski would be especially sweet.

Come on you Irons - beat Chelsea to revive our survival hopes and deny Chelski the title!

West Ham Can Still Survive

Lucas Neill believes West Ham can still avoid relegation,

"We have to realise that there are still 15 points to play for, and we have to fight for every single one of them. We can still end up smiling at the end of the season.

I believe we still need three wins, and we've got five games to do it. We have three home matches - all of which are winnable in my opinion, a very important away match at Wigan, and then a trip to Manchester United on the final day of the season."

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Straw Clutching

Chelski taken to extra-time time, Charlton losing, Wigan only drawing. Hope springs eternal.

West Ham in the Sundays

The Sunday Mirror and People claim that Benayoun has had a fall out with Curbishley and has asked his agent to find him another club. Benayoun was apparently upset at being dropped after returning from international duty, had a row with Curbishley in training and then immediately phoned his agent.

The People, a month after all the other papers, claim Sp~rs want West Ham captain Nigel Reo-Coker.

The News of the World has the 'exclusive'(at least a month old now) that Dean Ashton won't be allowed to leave in the summer. The paper also say that West Ham will make a summer move for 32 year old Turkish left back Erol Bulut.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fortune Always Hiding

Sheffield United 3 West Ham 0

After beating Arsenal away from home survival in the Premiership again seemed possible. However West Ham only really came into today's game after going a goal down towards the end of the first half.

West Ham had two reasonable chances early in the second half to get themselves back in this game. Lucas Neill created a good chance for himself that was well saved and Tevez shot over from seven yards when he should have scored.

As West Ham poured forward in the second half Sheffield United made the best of their counter-attacking opportunities to create a score-line that it the end flattered the home side.

It still isn't all over but it is difficult to see West Ham surviving now.

West Ham Today

Radio Commentary is available from BBC Radio London on 94.9FM & 765 Medium Wave.

There doesn't seem to be any live television feeds of the game today. Star Sports is showing delayed coverage at 5.30pm. Links to streams are here.

Transfer Rumours

Glenn Roeder wants West Ham's James Collins and Danny Gabbidon next season (however Roeder may be being a little over confident in his employment prospects). Arsene Wenger wants Nigel Roe-Coker and Carlos Tevez.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Matty Banishes His Demons

Today's Evening Standard has an interview with Matthew Etherington, in which he discusses his gambling problems. Etherington says his problems are now behind him and he is now returning to his best form,

"I was in a bad place at the start of the year and I went to Sporting Chance to sort out my head. Things are a lot clearer now and it's no coincidence my displays have been much better in recent weeks

I had a lot of things going on in my personal life I had to sort out. I've done that now and it's a chapter in my life I can now close. I want to get on with the rest of my life now. I can look forward.

I feel I'm a different person now. The mental state I was in during the first half of the season made it impossible to go onto the pitch and play. That was my own fault but I've come through that."

Sheffield Utd vs West Ham

The Blades might be without forwards Christian Nade (twisted ankle) and Danny Webber (foot), so hopefully will not improve on their recent poor goal scoring record of two goals in five games.

In the same five games the Blades have conceded eleven. Therefore Bobby Zamora, who looks fit to play despite missing much of this week's training because of a knee injury, will hope to continue his recent good goal scoring record.

Honours are even in the Premiership head-to-head standings between West Ham and Sheff Utd at one win a piece and one draw. However the Blades have lost their previous three games whilst West Ham have won theirs. The momentum looks to be with West Ham and despite Lucas Neill's claim that West Ham will be happy with a point you have to feel that a win is necessary if West Ham are to keep their hopes of survival alive.

Warnock Knocks West Ham

Neil Warnock claims West Ham owe their current good form to the linesman who awarded the dodgy goal against Blackburn,

"It might be someone with a flag who decides who goes down this season. When you look at West Ham's goal with Mr Devine, it could all be down to an official - there's such a fine line."

I'm not sure if rent-a-mouth Warnock is getting his relegation excuses in early or if he is trying to psyche out the officials ahead of tomorrow's game. It mainly sounds like Warnock, who was brimming with confidence just one week ago, now no longer believes his side will survive in the Premiership.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

West Ham's Relegation Battle

I'm sure most of you have had a go at the BBC's Predictor to try and work out how many points West Ham will have at the end of the season.

Footballing World have completed their own relegation calculator which suggests we will be relegated on 37 points. Personally I feel West Ham need ten more points from our remaining six games. This means that we can only afford to lose against Chelsea and Man Utd and must beat Sheffield Utd this weekend.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Zero to Hero

Following three league wins Alan Curbishley finds himself on top of the League Managers' Association Performance League. I'm not sure why Pardew isn't in the top twenty after the run Charlton have had. You can view the table here.

West Ham Players Pay for Coach Travel

Lucas Neill and Nigel Reo-Coker, inspired by West Ham's support at the Emirates, decided it would be a good idea for the players to provide free travel for the fans to Wigan. The idea was supported by the other players and the chairman, so coach travel to Wigan is now free.

Any fan who has pre-purchased a coach ticket will automatically be refunded.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Parkes Says Harewood Not Good Enough

Former West Ham player Phil Parkes claims West Ham will be better off without Ferdinand, Reo-Coker and Harewood,

"I expect the likes of Anton Ferdinand and Nigel Reo-Coker to leave at the end of the season and I don't think that will be a bad thing, while for me I don't think they can give Marlon Harewood away quick enough.

Maybe he would be all right in the Championship, but in my opinion I have just never rated the striker."

Noble Determined on West Ham Survival

Mark Noble is determined to maintain his place in the West Ham team and to ensure West Ham's survival in the Premiership,

"I came back here and wanted to play and now I have made a foothold in the team and I am not going to lose it. I am determined.

All the boys believe we can do it (beat Sheff Utd). It was a massive win for us at Arsenal and it could not have come at a better time. We defended as a team and played like a team and we will stay up as a team.

We have won three on the bounce, got nine points and we are looking up and the other teams are looking over their shoulders at us."

Monday, April 09, 2007

Warnock Wants West Ham Captain

It appears that Sheffield Utd are keen to sign West Ham captain Nigel Reo-Coker.

Could Sheffield Utd be the 'big club' that Reo-Coker thinks he should be playing for? I understand that if Reo-Coker resists the move to Sheffield Warnock will turn his attentions to signing Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Zamora's Goal

West Ham Rumours

The News of the World claim that Man Utd and Chelsea have joined Juventus, Inter Milan and Real Madrid in the chase to sign West Ham's Carlos Tevez. The paper says that West Ham have first refusal to buy the Argentinian from Kia Joorbachian but will not pay the £25 million even if we escape relegation.

The Daily Express disagrees and says that Magnusson will do everything in his power to sign Tevez from MSI in the summer. The People claim that Tevez himself wants to remain at West Ham and had given fans hope by saying, "It would be good to stay."

The Sunday Mirror (at least two weeks after the rumour emerged) claim Nigel Reo-Coker, Matthew Etherington, Paul Konchesky and Anton Ferdinand are preparing to leave Upton Park, regardless of whether the club are relegated or not.

The Times are the latest paper to notice that Mascherano was shockingly underused at West Ham.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Curbishley Praises Green

Arsenal 0 West Ham 1

The first half was not completely one way traffic, but Arsenal created more than enough chances to deserve a half-time lead.

With Rosicky and Adebayor both shooting over from 8 yards out, Rosicky curling a ball wide of the right-hand post from outside the area and Green saving first at Ljungberg's feet and then from a Rosicky 20 yard effort the team in red must have thought a goal would eventually come.

On the stroke of half-time a goal did come, but for Booby Zamora and West Ham. In the 45th minute Lucas Neill pumped a ball forward and Zamora ran onto the ball and volleyed it over Lehman's head from just outside the area.

The second-half was all about excellent goalkeeping from Green and poor finishing from Arsenal. The best of Green's saves was a point blank save from Adebayor, which Green instinctively managed to scoop over the bar and the worst of Arsenal's misses was a Gilberto header which he managed to put wide from 6 yards when it looked easier to score.

Boa-Morte had the chance to extend West Ham's lead in the 87th minute. He tried to take the ball round Lehman, Lehman went down and Boa-Morte tried to chip the ball over the keeper but put the ball wide. It was a rare chance for West Ham in the second half and Arsenal should have made their pressure count but without Henry they seem to be firing blanks.

West Ham are now two points from 17th place - Come on you Irons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

West Ham News

The Daily Mail claim that Sp#rs are ready to offer £& million for Dean Ashton despite Magnusson stating that he is not for sale.

The Daily Telegraph reveal that Lucas Neill chose West Ham over Liverpool because of Magnusson's vision for the club.

The Daily Mirror have noticed that Charlton have climbed out of the relegation zone and therefore attack Magnusson for sacking the 'gifted and clever' Alan Pardew.

Nigel Winterburn in The Guardian sees the current team copying the West Ham side of 2002/3 in being relegated.

Arsenal vs West Ham

Radio commentary is available from both Radio Five and Radio London.

A number of live feeds are also available. Check here for links.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Arsenal vs West Ham

Can West Ham achieve the double over the Gunners, and repeat last year's away win over Arsenal? The Gooners have lost their last two Premiership games, however they remain unbeaten at the Emirates, West Ham have not travelled well this season and Arsenal will not have Sol Campbell in defence.

Arsenal will not want to lose a third Premiership game in a row but if West Ham can get something from this game it will set them up for the 'six-pointer' away to Sheffield United next Saturday.

Since Noble has been in the West Ham starting line-up their fortunes have changed so the choice between Noble and Quashie should be a no-brainer. However Etherington's place may be threatened by a now fit Boa-Morte.

West Ham look like being without defender Matthew Upson for most of the rest of the season after he aggravated a calf injury in training. Therefore the centre back pairing of Collins and Ferdinand should remain unchanged.

Emmanuel Eboue has picked up a groin strain that may keep him out of the Arsenal side but Gilberto will be back to captain their side after missing their game against Liverpool.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Signings With Built in Security

The Daily Mail are reporting that West Ham's January signings Matthew Upson and Lucas Neill have clauses in their contracts that ensure that West Ham will not lose out if they move to other clubs. The paper quotes Alan Curbishley as saying,

"As I understand it, West Ham are under no pressure to let these players go unless certain figures are matched."

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

West Ham Hearing

The Premier League hearing into West Ham's purported breaking of rules U18 and B13 has been scheduled to start on April 26th. The hearing is expected to last two days. The hearing will be chaired by Simon Bourne-Anton QC and Lord Herman Ouseley and David Dent will make up the commission.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Noble to Remain at West Ham

Mark Noble is the first of the West Ham players to pledge himself to the club next year. When asked about what might happen if West Ham are relegated Noble said,

"There will obviously be some changes and the majority of players will want to stay in the Premiership. But I'm sure there will be a few staying with me and if we can make a core of them then hopefully we can come straight back up."

I'm sure the majority will want to support the club that has been paying their wage and will be pledging their future to the club soon.

Letter from the Chairman

Season ticket holders this morning received a letter from West Ham United chairman Eggert Magnusson. The letter thanks the supporters, backs the manager and reiterates his ambition to take West Ham into European competition.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Four More Wins

West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson believes that four more wins should keep West Ham in the Premiership,

"If we get to around 38 points we will be OK. There has obviously been a lack of confidence, but now that is returning and the players feel that we can beat any team, we have a good chance."

With the way Charlton are playing at the moment we might need more points than that.

Zamora Goal for West Ham

The video is poor quality but you can still see (at 30 seconds left) that this goal stems from Noble winning the ball in midfield.

Tevez to Stay at West Ham

West Ham Till I Die report that Carlos Tevez wishes to remain at West Ham even if the club are relegated.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

West Ham Rumours

The People claim Fulham are after Upson and Curbishley is after Brighton defender Joe Lynch and Man Utd winger Chris Eagles.

The Star claim West Ham are after Leeds striker David Healy. The Mirror claim that Reo_Coker, Anton Ferdinand, Paul Konchesky and Matthew Etherington will all hand in transfer requests at the end of the season.

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