Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Times Claim West Ham in Hot Water - Against the Facts

The Times claim West Ham could be in trouble because MSI presented documents in court today that were signed by Scott Duxberry and were dated December 1 which showed that West Ham entered into a second agreement with Tevez's owners.

The Times say that West Ham initially claimed in court that the contract was not what it appeared to be. However, when the judge asked whether the club believed that it was a forgery, the club’s lawyers said no, but claimed that they had reservations about Tévez’s signature and the date on the copies of the documents.

West Ham say that the documents were supplied to the commission, which took them into account when it imposed a fine of £5.5 million in April for a breach of Premier League rules.

The Times say that West ham could be in trouble because the Premier League’s independent commission said that one reason for not deducting points from the club was because the new owners should not be penalised for the misdemeanours of a previous regime. So it appears The Times either do not believe West Ham's statement about showing these documents to the commission or West Ham are not in any trouble.

In fact The Times say "It is believed that West Ham sought changes to the initial agreement because it gave MSI and JSI the option of paying the club £100,000 to move Tévez in the summer." Which appears to be the point that MSI have been making - that they only owe West Ham £100,000. However if The Times are to believed there is a second agreement that obviously has a larger compensation to be paid to West Ham.

Norwich 1 West Ham 2

West Ham had a good first half and played some good football. Goals from Spector and Ashton gave the Irons a deserved first half lead. The defence looked fairly solid for most of the game but failed to keep a clean sheet as Norwich scored late on.

West Ham United: Green; Neill (McCartney 45), Collins (Davenport 45), Upson, Spector; Bowyer, Mullins, Noble (Etherington 70), Boa Morte; Ashton (Cole 79), Zamora (Bellamy 66).

Parker Could be Fit for Roma

The Daily Mail, in an article that shockingly does not accuse West Ham of starting Armageddon, says Scott Parker could recover from his knee injury in time to play against Roma on Saturday.

It had been rumoured that Parker could miss West Ham's first game of the season against Man City so this is good news from a surprising source.

Sean Bean Reduces Five Year Old to Tears

Would be saviour of Sheffield United and ham actor Sean Bean reduced Neil Warnock's five year old child to tears after the Blades' last game of the season. According to Warnock after Sheffield United's defeat in the final game of the season Bean burst into his office, Warnock was not there but his wife and child were, so Bean started screaming at Warnock's wife. ‘It’s your f*****g husband that got us relegated,’ he said, pointing at her. ‘He’s a f*****g w****r’.”

Oh well that's one less Blade fan to feel sorry for.

High Court Date Set

August 22nd has been set by the High Court to hear the case revolving around the ownership rights of West Ham United player Carlos Tevez. An out-of-court settlement is still possible with discussions still being held over West Ham's suggestion of Joorabchian paying compensation to West Ham for giving up registration of the Argentinian.

The BBC say that an August 22nd hearing would mean that Tevez could miss the first three games of the season but could still be transferred to Man Utd before the end of the transfer window. Apparently MSI sources are saying the hearing "will take three days". However that should read the hearing 'could' take three days. There is no guarantee that the case will be settled so quickly, but MIS seem to be gambling that the case will be settled in that time and in their favour.

West Ham also seem to feel that they have a strong case. They released the following official statement this afternoon,

"West Ham United will continue to work on achieving an out-of-court settlement on the issues relating to Carlos Tevez.

However, if a settlement, to be agreed by all parties, is not possible then the Club will present a very robust legal case to the High Court if the matter comes before the court on August 22nd."

Norwich vs West Ham

West Ham have named a 21 man squad for tonight's game, including Norwich old boys Dean Ashton and Craig Bellamy (released as a youth).

Squad: Green, Wright, Pantsil, Spector, Ashton, Davenport, Etherington, Cole, Mullins, Neill, Bowyer, Upson, Boa-morte, Collins, Ferdinand, Gabbidon, McCartney, Noble, Reid, Zamora, Bellamy.

Apparently there are a few tickets left for the game.

The game is being shown live by Setanta Sports.

The End in Sight

Hopefully we will see an end to the Tevez saga this week. Most of the newspapers seem hopeful that some deal can be reached between Joorabchian and West Ham.

On the other hand the mouthpiece of Tevez's pimp, The Daily Mail, today say that Joorabchian's lawyers are going to grill Scudamore when the case goes to court. The obvious implication in the slant of the article is that the Premier League always knew the terms of the so called 'third party' clause. So Joorabchian is obviously piling on as much pressure as he can to force West Ham to sell Tevez's registration for peanuts. Whilst The Daily Mail, in the sordid tradition of that rag, is happy to support a man wanted for money laundering to screw over West Ham.

Tevez himself is likely to escape the fate of most West Ham players who are a little over keen in moving to other clubs. Whilst Reo-Coker is likely to now rival Ince in his anti-hero status at The Boleyn Tevez is likely to find he has a warm reception when he returns. This is partly due to the fact that most West Ham fans knew he would only ever be here for one season. The other is that whilst he was here he obviously gave so much for the club. In comparison to 'sicknote' Benayoun, and 'I'm too big for this club' Reo-Coker, Tevez played a large part in helping West Ham avoid relegation.

Here is a little of what we will be missing:

Monday, July 30, 2007

Eidur Open to West Ham Move

Eidur Gudjohnsen's father and agent, Arnor, says the player could be interested in transferring to West Ham. West Ham have been linked with the striker all summer and Gudjohnson has been pushed down the pecking order at Barcelona by the arrival of Henry.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Gudjohnsen senior says his son would welcome a move to Upton Park and that the player is weighing up his future in Barcelona.

"I have heard about the interest from West Ham, but there have been no talks as yet. It would be something Eidur would consider as there are some Icelanders there with the owners and all. If they are interested in Eidur I am sure they will contact me."

"He is currently injured and he is focused on getting fit again, but he will consider all options open to him. Barcelona have always told him it is up to him what he wants to do and they will not stand in his way if he wants to go and they will be happy for him if he wants to stay.

Eidur will not rush a decision on his future and we will evaluate every option we have."

No One Wants Dyer

It seems that no one is interested in buying Kieron Dyer. Just two weeks ago Fat Sam was saying that Newcastle didn't want to sell Dyer but if they received an offer they would have to listen. It appears Newcastle received no offers because within a week Fat Sam was saying that Dyer was no longer wanted but the club would only sell him for the right price.

Now Fat Sam is saying,

"The only way I can see to resolve this is for Kieron to move closer to his family. Nobody has come in with the right money yet. Nobody has offered anything like the money we want.

If they don't come in (with the right offer) then all I can do is sit down with Kieron and see if there's something else we can do."

It appears that Fat Sam is desperate to get rid and would now settle for a loan offer or a nominal transfer fee.

Tevez Deal To Be Rejected

According to The Daily Mirror although West Ham are likely to agree a 'deal' with The Premier League today it will be rejected by Kia Joorabachian. The deal that has apparently been worked out between West Ham and the Premier League would involve Joorabchian paying West Ham a fee to buy out his registration.

The Mirror say however that Joorabchian will refuse to pay more than the £100,000 that was stated in the original contract and is happy for the case to go the high court.

The Daily Mail say West Ham value the three years left on Tevez's contract at £6 million, however they would settle for the £5.5 million they were fined by the Premier League. They also say that Joorabchian only wants to pay £100,000 but seem to hint that there is room for negotiation.

West Ham Target Top Ten Finish

In part 2 of KUMB's three part interview with Alan Curbishley the West Ham manager reveals the target is a top ten finish this year.

The following season is when West Ham will be aiming for a top 6 finish and qualification for Europe.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

End to Tevez Saga

The Tevez affair could all be over in the next couple of days according to The Guardian. West Ham have met the Premier League at least twice since Wednesday to try to find a resolution. On Friday morning Dave Richards, the League's chairman, agreed a proposal with the club that could end the matter if it is sanctioned by the Premier League board when it sits tomorrow. We should know by Tuesday if the deal has been accepted.

However the paper also says Joorabchian isn't aware of the details of the deal. Therefore despite the paper's claim that if the deal is accepted by the Premier League the affair will be over there may still be some way to go yet. The Guardian says the deal may involve Joorabchian paying West Ham 'compensation, which could be as little as £100,000. If the compensation is a small as that then no doubt Joorabchian will be quick to accept.

Paper Talk

The NoW report on Joorabchian's claims that the Tevez transfer will be sorted out this week. The paper say there is some substance behind the claim as West Ham are happy to settle out of court for £6 million. A high court hearing is due on Wednesday and the lawyers are trying to thrash out an out of court settlement. If it goes to court it could take months to sort out.

The NoW also claim Lee Bowyer has told Alan Curbishley he wants to play in central midfield, not the wing. Bowyer wants to play alongside Parker who he says he played well alongside at Newcastle.

The Mirror print Bowyer's claim he would be happy to play with Kieron Dyer. Freddie Ljungberg says West ham United chairman Eggert Magnusson has a burning desire to make the club one of the top teams in the country. It is Eggy's ambition that convinced him to join West Ham.

The Mirror also says there has been no bid for Anelka.

The Star claim Alan Curbishley has hit back against Niall Quinn, pointing out that West Ham are only a million down from their transfer activity. They say Curbs denies any interest in Kieron Dyer.

The Star say Craig Bellamy is worried his yellow boots clash with claret and blue and has asked his sponsors for a new pair.

An Oldie, But a Goodie

Bobby Moore's tackle on Jairzinho in the 1970 World Cup. Class.

And Christian Dailly showing that West Ham defenders will always have class.

Bowyer's Message for Dyer

Lee Bowyer has a message for Kieron Dyer, 'come to West Ham'. Bowyer and Dyer famously had an on pitch metaphysical debate during a Newcastle game but Bowyer claims to hold no grudges,

"He's a great player, another international, and I think that if he comes to West Ham the competition he would bring would be very good for the squad. He can play anywhere across the middle and as a striker, so why not go for him? Let's wait and see what happens."

Bowyer is also clearly excited about the potential of the club,

"It's exciting because some exceptional players have come to join our club. I think that the chairman and the manager are now showing the right ambition and that can only be good for everyone."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anelka Missing

Anelka didn't feature in Bolton's friendly against Tranmere, reigniting rumours that he was on the way to West Ham. The official Bolton website reports that,

"The speculation spread like wildfire around Prenton Park that Anelka had been left out of the squad because he was on his way out of the Club, but Lee responded quickly to quash all the speculation.

"We have not received any offer for the services of Nicolas Anelka," confirmed Lee."

Sammy Lee says Anelka has suffered the recurrence of an old injury. It is believed that Anelka is actually suffering from the 'refusing to play for your present club' virus that is sweeping through the Premier League at the moment.

Southend 1 West Ham 3

Zamora socred the first with a header from a Ljungberg cross. Bellamy scored the second from an Etherington free kick pouncing on a Bowyer shot that rebounded off the bar. The third was scored by Ljungberg as Zamora returned the compliment with an assist.

West Ham United: Green; Neill, Ferdinand, Gabbidon, McCartney; Ljungberg (Reid 72), Noble, Bowyer (Mullins 64), Etherington (Pantsil 78); Zamora (Cole 59), Bellamy. Subs unused: Wright, Spector, Upson, Collins, Davenport.

West Ham in the Papers

Kia Joorabchian has told The Daily Star that there could soon be an end to the Tevez saga, "There is a possibility it may get resolved next week". Which of course means this is going to drag on beyond the close of the transfer window.

The Guardian claim West Ham have a clear run at Kieron Dyer as Sp~@s and Man City deny any interest. The barcodes will accept between £4m and £5m for a player who earns £60,000 a week but, as the only interested party, West Ham will try and drive the price down.

However The Mirror disagrees and say Sp#'s are keen on Dyer.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Neill New West Ham Captain

It won't come as a surprise to many West Ham fans that Lucas Neill was today named team captain.

Nigel Reo-Coker tried to talk a good game off the pitch and liked to point out that everybody who had ever met him had been bowled over by his natural leadership qualities. However since Neill's arrival at West Ham in January it was obvious that if there was a natural leader on the pitch it was our Australian defender.

Neill responded to his appointment with his usual self-assurance,

"This is a Club with so much great history and so many great players who have led the team out - and to see my name up alongside those people is a fantastic feeling.

"It's an opportunity that I am going to relish. I will try to lead by example on and off the field and I promise all West Ham United supporters that I will lead their team out with immense pride."

Tapping Up is Hard Work

David Gill has exhausted himself in attempting to tap-up West Ham's Carlos Tevez. Speaking of his confidence that Tevez will eventually sign for Man Utd he said,

"We've identified the player, we've spent a lot of time, effort and work on it."

But no money. Hence the problem. Now if you offered West Ham £20 million you might actually get the player.

Quinn Rubbish and Ljungberg Deal

Niall Quinn's attack on West Ham ("People are fighting each other and raising the prices for the same players. You can see it with West Ham and Portsmouth.") looks even more ridiculous this morning as The Sun reveal West Ham signed Freddie Ljungberg on a free.

In effect this means West Ham have spent about £3 million this summer compared to Sunderland's outlay of around £17.5 million. Even if you interpret Quinn's comments as meaning that West Ham are inflating the price of individual players he hasn't got a leg to stand on.

Sunderland splashed out £5 million on Michael Chopra. So if we take Chopra as the benchmark - what value a Bellamy or a Parker. You have got to say they must be worth at least three times what you would pay for Chopra. So it looks like we got those two on a steal and Quinn is talking out of what he normally sits on.

West Ham Receive Writ

The Times say West Ham have acknowledged the receipt of Joorabchian's writ against the club. The paper say that West Ham will 'respond today'. Presumably this means that West Ham will issue an official statement about how they intend to defend themselves in the High Court some time today.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today's Anti-West Ham Story from The Mail

Someone at The Daily Mail has obviously suffered some kind of traumatic abuse at the hands of a West Ham fan. There is no other way to explain the paper's daily attacks on West Ham, most of which fly completely in the face of the actual evidence.

Today's anti-West Ham rant is a repeat of the story that West Ham are paying silly money in the transfer market. This despite the fact that West Ham have made a net outlay of about £1 million (maybe less) this close season.

Norwich Friendly on Live TV

Next week's friendly against Norwich City will be broadcast live on subscription channel Setanta. The game on Tuesday, July 31 (7.45pm) will be shown live on Setanta Sports.

Anelka Bid to be Rejected

Bolton boss Sammy Lee says he won't let Anelka move to West Ham. West Ham are reported to have made a club record £12 million bid for the striker. Lee says he wouldn't stand in Anelka's way if a Champions League club came in for him but won't let move otherwise.

In other news The Daily Star say that Newcastle will not sell Kieron Dyer for less than £6 million. Personally I think that the way Fat Sam has been hawking the player around means they are desperate to get rid and would settle for a lot less.

Dyer - Wait and See

Speaking after the friendly against MK Dons Alan Curbishley refused to rule out a bid for Kieron Dyer,

"I'm looking in all areas, and it's not very often that a club says that a player is available. You normally phone up and get told that people are not available, so it's very difficult. But anything can still happen.

"The situation is that Kieron wants to leave the club, as I understand it, but I don't know anything else. We get linked with a lot of players at the minute, and he's one of them.

"We are actively looking to strengthen the squad and we have to replace those who have left. I have one eye on everything until that window closes - so we'll have to see."

The Hypocricy of Ferguson

Listen to Alex Ferguson complaining about Liverpool's tapping up of Heinze,

"He's our player and that's the important point. He's not Liverpool's player, despite them going on as if he is their player. The last time I looked he had two years left on his contract, but if he completes his contract and then leaves at the end of it, then that will be fine by us.

"Liverpool are behaving opportunistically, like the rest of them."

Of course Alex Ferguson would never try and steal another team's player. Here is Fergie speaking about Tevez in the same interview,

"I feel more confident now because the agent himself is confident enough to take it to the High Court. You can be embarrassed there if it's not right and you can lose everything, so he must be very confident regarding the situation with West Ham.

"Once it goes to the High Court, it's in the hands of the judge you get on the day and you never know what will happen."

Nice to see Ferguson not acting opportunistically and encouraging the agent of another team's player to take them to court.

£12 Million for Anelka?

The Daily Mail say West Ham have bid £12 million to sign Bolton striker Nicolas Anelka. Anelka was Bolton's top scorer last season with 12 goals from 38 games. Like recent signing Craig Bellamy Anelka comes with a bit of previous and never seems to stay at one club for very long.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MK Dons 3 West Ham 2

By all accounts Luis Boa Morte had a good game, playing a part in both of West Ham's goals. For the first Boa Morte crossed from the left, Craig Bellamy dummied the ball and Ephraim slotted it home.

West Ham's second came when Boe Morte whipped in a free kick from the right and the keeper palmed the ball out to Upson who then scored.

MK Dons vs West Ham

Tonight's game is sold out. Those players who didn't feature against Leyton Orient last night will get a run out and Freddie Ljunberg is set to make his début.

Parker won't be playing after suffering a slight knee injury during Saturday's match against Lazio in Austria.

Last Night's Goals (and they are both crackers):

Enough Already

Speaking after yesterday's friendly with Leyton Orient Alan Curbishley revealed his frustration at the on-going Tevez saga,

"Everyday seems to be a Tevez day at the moment. We can't seem to get away from it. I think it needed to be sorted out a long time ago."

Curbishley was clearly pleased that Ashton got on the score sheet and also got a full 90 minutes under his belt and also admitted that West Ham were still in the market for players,

"We're a bit skinny in one or two areas and we could still bring in a player or two."

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

West Ham Don't Receive Writ

West Ham say they have not received a write from Kia Joorabchian nor his companies. However when they do they "will liaise with our lawyers and a further statement will be made when appropriate."

Leyton Orient 1 West Ham 1

Two wonderful goals marked a competitive first half. The good news for West Ham is that Ashton is back! He scored the opening goal in the 15th minute of this game, turning and shooting a dipping ball from 35 yards into the far corner of the goal.

Ten minutes later Boyd scored, also from 35 yards, a half volley to equalise for Orient.

Ashton missed a four yard open goal in the second half with his head and Orient had a goal disallowed for offside.

West Ham: Green, Pantsil, Ferdinand, Davenport, McCartney, Reid (Stokes), Bowyer, Mullins, Etherington, Cole and Ashton.

MSI takes West Ham to High Court

A High Court Writ has been served against West Ham United by Kia Joorabchian's companies MSI and Just Sports Inc.

Graham Shear, a solicitor representing MSI and Just Sports Inc, said,

"I can confirm the companies have begun High Court proceedings against West Ham.

A High Court writ was served on the football club's solictors. The Companies seek the court's intervention to compel West Ham to release the registration of Carlos Tevez in accordance with contracts entered into between the parties.

We are asking the court to intervene so that Tevez can be registered to play with Manchester United as soon as possible. We will be making no further statement at this time."

This afternoon FIFA recommended that the affair went to CAS (see posts below). Presumably Joorabchian is worried that if the case goes to CAS then a decision may not be reached before the transfer deadline at the end of August and that the High Court will reach a decision far more quickly.

Leyton Orient vs West Ham

Full commentary: Leyton Orient v West Ham United (ko 7.45pm) BBC London 94.9FM, DAB Digital Radio and on the website.

The team is being split for tonight and tomorrow's games (MK Dons).

Squad to face Leyton Orient: Green, Pantsil, Ferdinand, Davenport, Dailly, McCartney, Etherington, Bowyer, Mullins, Ashton, Cole, Stech, Stokes, Hines, Jeffery, Widdowson, Fitzgerald, Collison.

Provisional squad to face MK Dons: Wright, Spector, Gabbidon, Collins, Upson, Noble, Collison, Boa Morte, Ljungberg, Reid, Bellamy, Zamora, Ephraim, Walker.

Ljunberg won't be playing tonight but is down for tomorrow's game. Scott Parker will not feature in either game after suffering a slight knee injury during Saturday's match against Lazio in Austria.


The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is an arbitration body set up to settle disputes related to sports. Its headquarters are in Lausanne.

It was originally conceived by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to deal with disputes arising during the Olympics. It was established as part of the IOC in 1984. However since its inception, in order to be seen as independent of the IOC, it has become financially and administratively separate from that organisation.

The majority of cases considered by CAS deal with doping or transfer fees paid within professional football, so it should have the experience to deal with the Carlos Tevez matter.

FIFA Recommends CAS

FIFA have declined to get involved in the Carlos Tevez dispute and have instead advised that the case is taken to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

FIFA spokesman Andreas Herren said,

"The recommendation from Fifa to the FA and the Premier League is to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Under the circumstances it was felt it would be in the best interest of all parties to take this course.

"It looks like being the fastest way of resolving this matter. It is not a refusal by Fifa to get involved, quite the contrary. It is a recommendation by Fifa to opt for this way."

West Ham have responded by saying they are happy for the matter to go to the CAS if all parties are happy with that. The Premier League for one support the decision. A spokesman said,

"The Premier League and FA are grateful to Fifa for considering this issue.

"We are supportive of the recommendation that if all parties are in agreement the matter should be referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sport."

The BBC report that CAS has not yet said whether they will hear the case. They also claim that Kia Joorabchian is considering taking the matter to the High Court in order to push through a deal before the transfer window closes on 31 August.

Man Utd, unusually for them, have so far remained silent.

The Mail Reel Out Hurst

The Daily Mail has enlisted Geoff Hurst in its continuing anti-West Ham campaign. Barely a day goes past without the rag printing some diatribe against the club. Now they have reeled in Hurst. He is quoted as saying,

“The whole thing has been a mess. The way the club have acted is not something you would expect of West Ham. It's been very disappointing. We [West Ham] have always been seen as the second favourite club of many other people, but we are certainly not now with Sheffield United, and others.

“Hopefully, we will see the back of it very shortly. Tevez will go. There was never any real belief that he and Mascherano would stay, anyway.

“The way the deal was structured was a joke — the intention was always to move the players on. It was bad, and maybe the club were lucky to get away with a fine. Arguably a financial penalty was better from a Premier League point of view than deducting a team two or three points. It's such a twisted and tortuous tale and I feel sorry for the fans.”

There is nothing wrong with Hurst's point of view. Most West Ham fans would agree that the old owners of West Ham left the club in a real mess because of the deal they agreed with MSI. The problem is The Mail's daily attacks on West Ham.

Why are The Mail still harping on about the Premier League's original decision. It was agreed by a separate arbitration panel and the story has now moved on.

Orient Tickets Still Available

Tickets for tonight's game against Leyton Orient are still available. West Ham United supporters will be able to purchase their tickets from the East Stand ticket office in Brisbane Road.

Tickets are priced at £15 adults and £5 concessions throughout the ground.

West Ham - A Force to be Reckoned With

Freddie Ljungberg obviously feels that Arsenal's best days are over,

"When Thierry left it felt like the end. I had a lot of clubs in for me in the summer but always stayed loyal. But I felt it was the right time to go. When I signed my last contract two years ago we talked about the future, building a new stadium and bringing in top players, but it didn't really happen."

Clearly his comments about West Ham becoming the top club in England are a bit surreal and I'm sure he'll soon realise that we already are.

Monday, July 23, 2007

FIFA to Decide Later This Week

FIFA spokesman Andreas Herren has announced that a decision will be made later this week (tomorrow according to the BBC) on whether world soccer's governing body will intervene in the proposed transfer of Carlos Tevez from West Ham to Man Utd.

If Fifa opts to take on the case then the organisation's Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) will come into play. However Herren also said,

"I know third-party ownership is not favoured in England, but national legislation varies from one country to another and we do not specifically look after the interests of one country's football organisation."

Which suggests they may just throw the case back to the Premier League.

FIFA Considers its Position

After their meeting with FIFA over the transfer of Carlos Tevez to Man Utd a spokesman from the English FA said,

"At the end of the meeting, the decision was left with FIFA as to whether they would take on this case themselves or, if not, what the right process would be to resolve it. We are hoping to hear the decision very soon."

Eggert Magnusson confirmed in this afternoon's press conference that West Ham are also waiting to hear from FIFA,

"I've heard nothing but the FA and the Premier League have met today at FIFA headquarters. I think FIFA have to decide if they have jurisdiction over the matter - and I hope so because everybody concerned wants it to go that way."

And its Official

This afternoon's press conference surprised no-one when Freddie Ljungberg was unveiled as West Ham's latest signing. Ljungberg has signed a four year contract for a fee that could rise to £3 million. Alan Curbishley described Ljungberg as 'hungry' - luckily Eggy had a few biscuits lying around.

Ljungberg claimed it was the club's ambition that persuaded him to sign,

"I'm coming here because I want to build a great team. And why I want to join is because of Magnusson. He wants to bring them forward to be top of the country.

"He's willing to go to the transfer market to buy top players and mix them with players from the academy - West Ham have a great tradition for developing players through their academy. He wants to help take the club up and take them to the top in England. It's a big challenge for me."

West Ham Sign Ljungberg

West Ham have signed Freddie Ljungberg in a deal believed to be around £3 million. It is understood that Ljungberg was not keen to join another Premier League club but was tempted by the offer of £60,000 a week by West Ham.

With West Ham's new signing Julien Faubert out for up to six months Eggy and Curbishley have moved quickly to find a replacement. Freddie himself has struggled with injuries in the last year so West Ham will be hoping he can remain fit.

West Ham have announced a press conference for 2pm.

(Confirmed on BBC - more to follow)

Freddie to Sign?

The Mail claim Freddie Ljungberg will sign for West Ham for a £3 million transfer fee. Ljungberg had decided not to play for another Premier League club but West Ham have doubled the offer he had received from Italian side Fiorentina to £60,000.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Faubert Replacements

With Julien Faubert out for six months it appears West Ham want to replace him with not one but two players. According to the news of the world Eggy is keen to sign Freddie Ljungberg,

"[Freddie] is a player we like and have been watching for several months. We are very confident we can finalise a deal."

However Alan Curbishley is quoted in The Mirror as being interested in Kieron Dyer,

"Perhaps he wants to leave. I would not rule out a move for him because I think he is a very exciting player."

Irons in the Papers

Various papers are claiming that West Ham will this week sign Freddie Ljungberg for £3 million.

The Sunday Mirror claim West Ham will bid for Portsmouth striker Lomana LuaLua and may step up our interest in Newcastle's Kieron Dyer after the Hammers lost 2-0 to Lazio.

The NoW say that Stephen Appiah will reject West Ham and sign for Arsenal.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

West Ham 0 Lazio 2

Craig Bellamy missed a penalty and Carlton Cole had a couple of good chances saved as West Ham fell to Lazio goals either side of half time.

Green, Spector (Collins 45), Davenport (Upson 45), Ferdinand (Dailly 60), McCartney (Gabbidon 45), Bowyer (Collison 65), Mullins (Boa Morte 45), Parker, Etherington (Reid 70), Ashton (Cole 45), Bellamy.

FIFA Meeting Monday

Andreas Herren from FIFA says that the world governing body has a meeting with the English FA on Monday to discuss Carlos Tevez' proposed transfer from West Ham United.

"A meeting will take place on Monday. My understanding is that it will be with members of the FA, not the Premier League. It could be that someone from the Premier League comes along as well.

"My understanding is that a senior lawyer from the FA will come to Zurich to meet our senior legal people."

Saturday West Ham Gossip

The Sun that FIFA have not received a request to investigate the transfer of Carlos Tevez. They say a FIFA spokesman has said,

"We’ve not received any formal request from West Ham or anyone else in this matter. Until we get something official, there’s nothing we can do."

The Sun also claim that John Pantsil missed West Ham's pre-season tour of Austria because he destroyed his passport by leaving it in his trousers when they went through the washing machine.

Apparently The Daily Telegraph (but not the online version) has a story that West Ham will splash out £26m on Gudjohnsen, Mancini (Roma) and Dyer.

Jim'll Fix It

A bit harsh but funny nevertheless (NSFW),

The BBC Explain

Mihir Bose, the BBC Sports editor, in an article entitled "What does the Tevez Affair Teach Us?" has written the best and fairest explanation of the Tevez saga that I have read in the mainstream media.

Bose rightly points out that MSI 'loaned' the two Argentinians to West Ham partly because they thought they would soon be owning the club. However he suggests that they were also meant to be a 'poison pill' preventing anyone else taking over the club.

Bose also points out that West Ham were charged over an 'obscure rule' and that the 'legal advice of many was that West Ham should be able to drive a coach and horses through Rule U 18 - but when it came to the hearing they pleaded guilty.'

Bose's conclusion is that Carlos Tevez will more than likely end up a Man Utd player, West Ham may receive some money but not much and Sheffield United will wait until the affair unfolds and then try to get compensation. Which sounds about right.

There is one point that he doesn't mention and that occurred to me whilst reading his brief history of the 'affair'. Contrary to what Sheffield United and the newspapers now say before the original investigation most of the media were predicting West Ham would receive a fine and not have points deducted. It is only now that they are all calling foul and saying everyone expected a points deduction and a fine shocked everyone.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ashton Hungry For Success

Dean Ashton has revealed his desire to get back into the England team and can't wait for the new season to begin,

"You can't describe how difficult it has been - it was horrible. Playing for England was everything you have dreamed of and the next minute it has gone.

"I don't think there will be a hungrier player in the Premier League this season than me. I've got to prove myself again and prove that I'm not a forgotten man and that I'm the same player I was. I want to show people how well I have come back form this injury.

"I can definitely say that by the start of the season I will easily be the fittest I have ever been and the strongest I have ever been and I am excited by how I will feel. I think my football won't be a problem. My brain hasn't got tired or hurt - that is going to be the same."

"I want to get back involved with England as soon as I can. There are plenty of strikers who will be fit and raring to go but if I am in Steve McClaren's plans then brilliant."

No Dyer Bid

Fat Sam Allardyce has said that the barcodes have not received any transfer bid from West Ham for Kieron Dyer. He also said,

"Whether there is some interest there now, I don't know. Kieron Dyer is not a player I would particularly want to lose, but one never knows at this stage of the season what's going to happen."

Which isn't exactly a 'hands off, we will never sell' message to potential suitors.

Cole and the Repo Man

The Sun reports on Carlton Cole's car trouble that has seen him have four cars repossessed in just two months. Apparently Cole's membership of the Baby Bentley gang has been forcibly terminated as his Bentley Continental GTC is the latest of his cars to be taken off his hands for failing to keep up the repayments.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Faubert Out For Six Months

West Ham's new right winger Julien Faubert has been ruled out of action for six months with a ruptured achilles tendon. Faubert picked up the injury in Tuesday night's pre-season match against Sigma Olomouc and has flown to Strasbourg to undergo surgery.

Alan Curbishley said, "It's a devastating blow for everyone, especially Julien. He'd fitted in so well and was showing all the attributes needed to be a success in the Premier League.

"You could see in the short bit of football he has played with us that he was going to be a big hit with the supporters — he is strong, fast, gets up and down and understands the game — so to lose him after an hour of football and just two weeks at the club is a big disappointment.

"We wish Julien a speedy recovery and, having got to know the boy over the past week or so, I am certain that he will respond to this set-back in the right way.

"Hopefully we will see him back in action around Christmas time, but the main thing is that he follows his rehabilitation programme and only returns when he is 100 per cent ready."

The Daily Mail claim West Ham are now preparing a panic £5 million bid for the injury prone Kieran Dyer.

West Ham Official Statement

This morning West Ham released the following official statement concerning Kia Joorabchian's accusations,

"West Ham United totally rejects the latest outburst and threats issued in the name of Kia Joorabchian in relation to the situation regarding Carlos Tevez.

We will not be drawn into this form of public mudslinging but these latest statements cannot go unanswered.

Mr Joorabchian entered into agreements with the previous regime at West Ham United at a time in which he was attempting to take over the Club. Those arrangements, since terminated by West Ham United, led the Club into serious disciplinary difficulties for which the Club has paid a heavy price.

It is absolutely clear that the only contract relating to Carlos Tevez recognised by West Ham United and the Premier League is the player's four-year contract which runs until June 2010. All other arrangements were terminated by West Ham on 27th April 2007 and no legal challenge to that termination has occurred.

West Ham United can also confirm that all documentation regarding the Club and Carlos Tevez has already been submitted to the Premier League and fully scrutinised by them. We have ensured full disclosure.

The Club has in recent weeks made every effort to keep Carlos Tevez at West Ham United and indeed offered significantly improved terms and conditions to the player, which were not accepted.

However, a transfer of a properly registered player cannot occur without agreement between two clubs and the Premier League.

Without such an agreement we believe that it is in the interest of all parties to resolve this issue as quickly as possible through the procedures laid down by FIFA.

Public threats and accusations are irrelevant, let FIFA decide and West Ham United will accept that judgement whatever the outcome. The time has come to settle this matter in a way which will allow everyone concerned to move on."

Shorey Flattered by West Ham Interest

Nicky Shorey has said that he is flattered by West Ham's interest in him. Shorey is currently in contract negotiations with Reading so this may be just a tactical ploy on his part. However Shorey is a life long West Ham fan and the rumours are that West Ham are planning a £5 million bid for the left back.

Shorey said,

"It's flattering to hear they might be interested, we'll just have to see what happens. My agent has been dealing with my contract, but, so far, I haven't received an offer.

"I don't know what's going to happen, I want to see where Reading see me in their plans and also where the club is going."

Joorabchian Wants Court Action

According to The Daily Express Kia Jooarabchian is keen to take West Ham to the High Court to settle Tevez's registration. Joorabchian appears worried that FIFA will arbitrate in favour of West Ham and could feel he has more chance in the courts.

West Ham tore up the 'third party' agreement it had with MSI and Joorabchian may feel he has a case that West Ham are not legally able to unilaterally terminate the contract. However Joorabchian talking about the courts and Joorabchian actually seeking court action are two different things. There is always the danger he would lose the case.

In the latest twist to the saga MSI are no longer claiming Tevez's ownership but are contesting that he is contracted to the club until 2010. The 'third party' agreement allowed Tevez to leave after a year (the agreement West Ham unilaterally tore up) and that is the agreement under which MSI believe Tevez is free to leave.

What is certainly becoming clear is that Carlos Tevez is unlikely to play for West Ham again. He himself is keen to play for Man Utd,

"I am not interested whether Fifa enter into this or not, but I do want a positive solution to allow me to move to Manchester United in the same way Javier Mascherano joined Liverpool in January.

I see this as only a money problem between clubs. I want West Ham to close the deal so I can play for Manchester United. I have fulfilled the orders of my agents (MSI) and after the final of the Copa America I have travelled to England. I want a solution as quickly as possible.

"I am very grateful to West Ham. The club and the fans are sensational, but when it comes to football, I believe a good transfer will be good for them. I would like the deal completed so I can go on holiday full of peace and calm.

"But I am convinced I will play for Manchester United next season."

The Daily Mail Tries Hard - But Fails Miserably

Today's attempt by The Daily Mail to destroy the mighty Irons is the most pathetic yet. They claim the FA may force West Ham to hand back the huge £40,000 in prize money they won in last season's FA Cup competition.

The Mail are forced to admit that the FA have no 'third party' rules so West Ham did not actually do anything wrong but they feel sure that the FA will want to jump all over West Ham anyway.

The Mail also report that Kevin McCabe has scheduled a second meeting with 'Tevez's owner' (ha) Kia Joorabchian and that he 'remains hopeful of acquiring documentary proof that the Argentina striker was still under the businessman's control when his goals kept West Ham in the Premiership.'

I think The Mail should attend the meeting as well and then the three parties can all feed off of each other's delusions.

When I first saw this video I thought it funny but the parallels to reality are becoming too absurd.

OK, The Mail's support of Hitler, Mussolini and the German Nazi Party is in a totally different league but you would have thought with such a spectacular track record of backing the wrong side they would be a little more careful with who they listened to.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MSI Damp Squid

The media and a few deluded Sheffield Utd fans have been creaming themselves over a statement by Kia Joorabchian criticising West Ham. The substance of Joorabchian's claims are that,

"Over the last six months West Ham have made repeated promises and assurances which they have not acted upon or performed."

In fact the only assurance West Ham have given is that they tore up the offending clause between the club and MSI and have acted exactly on that ever since.

"West Ham have consistently provided private assurances while at the same time making contrary statements to the public at large."

Actually whilst David Gill and Joorabchian have been mouthing off to the press at every opportunity West Ham have kept a dignified public silence over what could be described as the tapping-up of one of their players.

He continued,

"We see no alternative but to bring the true circumstances to the attention of a higher authority to aid a rapid conclusion to this issue."

It is not exactly clear if by higher authorities he means God, the Brazilian police (who have issued a warrant for his arrest) or FIFA. If it is FIFA then that is convenient because West Ham themselves sent the case to FIFA Wednesday morning. Hardly the sign of a club desperate to cover things up.

The idiots on talkSh#t are already claiming that they have heard strong rumours that West Ham will be docked six points at the beginning of next season.

When will the media learn that Joorabchian is not to be trusted.

Do they really think if he had damaging documents that he wouldn't have released them weeks ago?

The fact that this statement comes a few hours after West Ham sent the case to FIFA suggests to me that Joorabchian is very worried that he is going to end up with nothing from Tevez's transfer.

Tevez to go on Holiday?

Following the announcement that FIFA have been asked to arbitrate over the Tevez transfer saga Man Utd chief executive David Gill has allowed our player to go on 'holiday'.

Hoepfully Eggert Magnusson will repay the compliment and allow half the Manure team a break from their current tour of Japan.

Quashie out for Six More Weeks

The Newham Recorder has a good update on West Ham's injured players. Alan Curbishley has told them that,

"Nigel Quashie is still injured from the tackle he got against Spurs. He had a foot operation which wasn't successful and he has had to have it re-done, so it looks like he will be out for another six weeks."

They confirm that Bellamy wasn't quite match fit for the Dagenham and Redbridge game and that Zamora had picked up a knock in midweek,

"but they are both travelling to Austria, they are both fully fit and we are looking forward to working with them next week."

West Ham Call in FIFA

The media are reporting that Man Utd have called in FIFA to sort out the bad boys of West Ham. In reality West Ham and Man Utd have together asked FIFA to intervene in Carlos Tevez's transfer.

Manchester United chief executive David Gill has said that FIFA will rush the case through so that it will be heard as soon as possible. The BBC say that West Ham are insisting that they have yet to receive an offer for Carlos Tevez.

Man Utd To Defy Premier League?

According to The Mail Man Utd are going to press ahead with giving Carlos Tevez a medical despite being expressly denied permission by West Ham. They quote an unnamed Man Utd spokesperson as saying,

"We expect Carlos Tevez to become a United player. We've flown him in for a medical as a show of force. The player is very excited at the prospect of signing for us. It is only a matter of time."

A quote that I suspect comes from a couple of days ago. They then immediately quote someone 'close to the deal', hoping the reader won't notice that they've switched sources on us. Obviously this source is their man inside the Kia Joorabchian camp whose lies The Mail seem happy to print over and over, despite him having been proved wrong over and over. The different probably non Man-Utd source says,

"It's up to West Ham now. Carlos will have his medical and then they must decide their course of action. Either they can take action against United or they can allow a medical to take place while all the parties continue to seek a resolution."

The Mail claim that Man Utd are quite prepared to defy the Premier League and face charges of 'tapping up' a player. The paper claims West Ham will be too scared to pursue the matter because it would open up a 'can of worms'. The point The Mail seem happy to ignore is that it would be the Premier League who would charge Man Utd. So they would be very foolish to pursue such an action.

Nearly as foolish as The Mail have become by continuously printing Joorabchian's lies and continuously ending up with egg on their face.

Faubert Injured

West Ham signing Julien Faubert could miss the start of the season after being carried off with an ankle injury during the friendly against Sigma Olomouc in Austria.

Faubert suffered a nasty blow to his ankle and left the ground with a brace around his leg.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

West Ham Turn Down Man Utd Tevez Offer

According to Five Live west Ham have turned down a transfer request from man Utd for Carlos Tevez. Five Live's Gordon Farquhar says,

"Despite a day of talks led by chairman Eggert Magnusson for the Hammers and Maurice Watkins for United, there is no deal and West Ham clearly aren't going to be rail-roaded into this.

"They have refused a written transfer request, are asserting their rights over the player and are going to insist on this being a transfer between two clubs and not with a third party, the MSI group, whatever their claims over economic rights to the player may be."

Sigma Olomouc 1 West Ham United 0

West Ham lost to a single goal in the first of their two games in Austria. Ladislav Onofrej scored in the 36th minute for the Czech side.

Man Utd Block Medical

Hammered understand that Man Utd have blocked West Ham undertaking a medical on Wayne Rooney. It is understood that West Ham were keen to find out how human he really is and to ask him about the release date of Shrek 4.

Eggert Magnusson on hearing of this latest move by Man Utd said that this arrangement was becoming 'overcomplicated'. However for some reason the league are remaining insistent that West Ham can't just sign Wayne Rooney without the agreement of Man Utd.

Man Utd Caught Poaching

The media are reporting that West Ham have stopped Carlos Tevez undergoing a medical for Man Utd. Of course what they should be saying is that Man Utd tried to undertake an illegal medical on another team's player.

To undertake a medical both clubs' have to be in agreement. Man Utd have no agreement from West Ham so it seems very strange that they had arranged for Tevez to undergo a medical on Wednesday.

It seems even stranger that the media are reporting this as West Ham stopping the medical, a bit like saying we have stopped them doing a medical on any of our players.

According to The Daily Telegraph West Ham and Man Utd had talks in the Premier League's offices in London today in an effort to resolve the situation but failed to come to any agreement.

A West Ham spokesman confirmed talks had taken place, "Meetings have taken place between the two clubs but no agreement has been reached in relation to Carlos Tevez."

West Ham to Bid for Defoe

According to The Daily Mail West Ham are to make a £14 million offer for Defoe. They say West Ham have already failed with an £11 million bid for the ex-West Ham player but are keen to add to their strike force after the departure of Harewood.

One sticking point appears to be Defoe himself who is worried about the reaction he will get from West Ham fans.

Villa Sign Harewood

Aston Villa have signed Marlon Harewood for an undisclosed fee. Harewood had undergone a medical with Wigan at the weekend and was close to signing before Martin O'Neil stepped in.

Harewood is O'Neil's second signing of the summer, having also bought Nigel Reo-Coker. It seems that Villa are intent on recreating West Ham's nearly relegated team of last season.

Harewood scored 56 goals in 178 games for West Ham but only scored four times in the league last season and ended the season as the third choice striker behind Tevez and Zamora.

Tevez Wants Solution

Carlos Tevez has made it clear that he wants to leave West Ham and hopes his transfer can be resolved soon,

"I want a solution very quickly on this subject. My desire is to play for Manchester United - but I also want a positive exit from West Ham, because the club was good to me in the year when I played in England.

"I find the controversy about my transfer very strange but I hope it will be resolved in the next few days."

Most of the papers report today on Man Utd chief executive David Gill's comments that the transfer of Tevez is 'over-complicated' and that he thinks it will all be over soon.

However no matter how much Tevez wants to join Man Utd and no matter how much Man Utd want Tevez nothing will happen until Man Utd come to an arrangement with West Ham. The Guardian say that West Ham are "infuriated by United's public statements about the £30m-rated forward", which would suggest that they don't think Man Utd have spoken to them enough in private.

The matter isn't that complicated really. The Premier League have made it very clear to Man Utd that West Ham own Tevez's registration. So if they want the player they will have to meet West Ham's asking price.

Harewood on the Move

According to The Daily Mail West Ham's Marlon Harewood has agreed to sign for Villa in a £4.5 million move. This would move West Ham back into the black in this summer's transfer dealings.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The French Hate Us As Well

According to The Sun Raymond Domenech, the manager of the French national team, says Julien Faubert is stupid for joining West Ham. They quote him as saying,

"When certain players call me to talk about me their transfer I tell them it's okay to play for one of the top four clubs in England, Germany, Italy or Spain.

"But this is stupidity. What a pity when he is on the verge of the French team. I have trouble understanding it."

Football Clubs Raided

Newcastle United, Portsmouth and Glasgow Rangers have been raided by police as part of an investigation into alleged corruption.

The police say that the operation is not connected to Lord Stevens' ongoing Quest inquiry into the Premiership and was "totally independent". As Portsmouth and Newcastle were two of the five clubs named in Lord Stevens' final report I wonder if it is totally unconnected.

A City of London Police spokesman said: "We can confirm that search warrants were served at three football clubs and the homes of two individuals in connection with corruption in football and its impact on owners and shareholders."

West Ham Fly to Austria

The West Ham team have arrived in Austria for their pre-season tour. West Ham will play two games whilst in Austria, the first against Czech outfit Sigma Olomouc on Tuesday and then Italian side Lazio on Saturday.

Harewood to team up with Reo-Coker

The Daily Mirror claim Marlon Harewood is set to join Wigan on their pre-season tour of Holland after agreeing terms. However rumours coming out of Villa say that Harewood has had a medical and agreed terms for them. They say he will sign from West Ham for £3.7 million.

Update: Harewood's agent has confirmed that Harewood is in discussions with both Wigan and Villa. He says both teams have agreed a fee with West Ham. He says that if talks go well with Villa he will undergo a medical with them.

West Ham and Man Utd to Start Talks

The Guardian think that Man Utd are finally going to talk to the owners of Carlos Tevez, i.e. West Ham. They say talks are set to start today. Certainly comments by Magnusson and Curbishley over the weekend suggest the club are resigned to losing the Argentinian and if Man Utd actually offer the transfer money to the correct party it looks like they will get our man.

According to The Sun Man Utd have arranged for Tevez to have a medical on Wednesday. It is hard to see how they could have received West Ham's permission for this if talks are only due to start today. Surely Man Utd wouldn't tap up a player of another team.

Disappointment Turns to Anger

At least it does if you are a reporter. Alan Curbishley's 'disappointment' at Alex Ferguson's claim that Tevez kept West Ham has been exaggerated by the media into an 'angry blast' at Man Utd.

”I was a bit disappointed about Alex’s comments about Tevez keeping us up," Curbishley said. ”Because there were 10 other players out there and a lot of them were big performers for us.

”There was a lot more going on than just Carlos Tevez. Every day has been a Tevez day for the last two months. I have kept my own council and got on with it. But I was disappointed to hear Alex say that.

”We have got to move off and move on. I am not expecting anything. I am just expecting that we are going to Austria and he is not going to be with us. But please don’t keep talking to me about Tevez because there is nothing I can do about it.”

I suspect that Curbs was far more angry with Benayoun,

”I was disappointed with Yossi because I thought he had signed a contract like we all did and it turns out that he hadn’t. When Liverpool came in for him it changed everything and we had to get what we thought was the right price for him.

”I didn’t want Yossi to go and we didn’t need to do the business, but his head was turned.”

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ashton is Back

Dean Ashton survived a heavy tackle in the opening minutes of yesterday's friendly and the West Ham striker believes it did him some good,

"That tackle probably did me a favour. I need that sort of thing to get my confidence back. The fact I got the tackle so early in the game did me good. It's part and parcel of the game and I need to get used to it."

Speaking after the game Ashton admitted that he had worried that hsi career might be over,

"There were times when I thought I might not get back, so I'm really going to enjoy this season. It was an absolute joy to be out there playing, it's been a long, tough year and I'm glad to be back.

"I don't think there will be a hungrier player in the Premier League this season than me. I want to show people how well I have come back from this injury.

"It was hard watching last season, you don't want to see your team struggling at the bottom of the league. I was delighted to see how the season ended. From a selfish point of view I wanted to play in the Premiership."

Sunday Gossip

There is hardly any transfer speculation at all involving West Ham, not even about Harewood's supposed move to Wigan. The only nugget of information I can find is in The News of the World, who claim that Turkish club Besiktas have lodged a £3m bid for West Ham striker Carlton Cole.

Tevez to go AWOL

Man Utd say Tevez will not be having a medical this week, as their club doctors will be on tour with the team. Joorabchian however is insisting that Tevez will be flying into Manchester Airport on Tuesday.

According to The Mail Eggert Magnusson has claimed he has 'plenty to say' about the Carlos Tevez affair, but not until it is all over. West Ham manager Alan Curbishley however seems resignd to losing his star forward saying,

"I'm looking forward to ... having people here who want to be here."

It appears that West Ham don't expect Tevez to turn up for the club's pre-season tour of Austria.

Bloody Daily Mail

In The Daily Mail's continuing campaign to dump on West Ham from a great height they have printed this fake photo of Carlos Tevez.

They seem to see no irony in printing this photo when the lead story on their own front page is "BBC in row over doctored TV footage with Gordon Brown". In a hate filled spleen in its editorial the paper then actually appears to call for someone to be beheaded at the BBC for 'faking' footage involving the Queen.

Well if that's the way they want to go then perhaps Lee Clayton (the gutter crawler whose name appears on the West Ham story) should be the first to feel the axeman's blade on the back of his neck.

Harewood Deal Close

With rumours that Harewood has been undergoing a medical and discussing personal terms Sky Sports claim Marlon Harewood is set to join Wigan. Sky Sports claim the deal will be for around £4million.

More on the Tevez Saga

The Premier League have repeated the assertion to a so far deaf Man Utd that they must deal with West Ham is they want to purchase Carlos Tevez,

“We would have no objection to Tevez agreeing a contract and having a medical at Manchester United so long as it has been agreed by West Ham,” said a Premier League source. “If that doesn’t happen, Tevez won’t be going anywhere.”

West Ham spokesman Mike Lee has reinforced this by saying,

“There is a desire now to find a solution. For this to happen in the near future it has to involve a formal agreement between Manchester United and West Ham which is approved by the Premier League.”

Which obviously sounds like West Ham won't stand in Tevez's way in moving to Man Utd but will demand the transfer fee comes to the club.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dagenham and Redbridge 0 West Ham 2

West Ham started with Green, Paintsil, Collins, Gabbidon, McCartney, Reid, Bowyer, Mullins, Ethers, Cole and Hines.

Wright, Davenport, Upson, Spector, Faubert, Collinson, Parker, Boa-Morte and Ashton started the second half. Ferdinand and Noble came on during the second half.

Noble scored from a 23yrd free-kick with eight minutes remaining on the clock. A couple of minutes later Ross Smith scored an own goal with a misplaced header.

Ashton looked OK and hit the crossbar with a header in the second half.

Craig Bellamy did not get a run out because he is said to be a week behind the rest of the team in terms of fitness.

Man Utd Warned Against Tapping Up

According to The Independent a Premier League 'source' claimed that Manchester United's continuing failure to deal directly with West Ham in their attempt to sign Carlos Tevez could be in breach of the rules. The punishment for approaching a contracted player without the permission of his club ranges from a fine to a ban on transfer activity for up to two transfer windows.

The Premier League at the moment is unlikely to take such an action but it does sound like a warning shot in Man Utd's direction. Unfortunately the paper seems to think that West Ham are the ones the Premier League really want to punish. They suggest there is an appetite within the league for Joorabchian to take West Ham to court as a warning against other clubs undertaking similar contracts in the future.

This seems outrageously perverse of the league as they have already tried and punished West Ham for the offence. In fact it sounds like cowardice to me. Rather than punish Wigan and Sheff Utd, who have been calling for Richard Scudamore's head, for bringing the game into disrepute, the league seems to want to punish West Ham a second time.

Daggers vs West Ham

West Ham begin their pre-season friendlies today away to Dagenham and Redbridge. Dean Ashton is expected to make his long awaited return from injury and their should be games for Bellamy and Parker.

Noble and Ferdinand were given extended breaks because of their involvement in the Under-21 European Championship so will probably not feature and Lucas Neill and Carlos Tevez are away on international duty.

Harewood to Wign

The Wigan Evening Post claim West Ham's Marlon Harewood was at Wigan for talks and a medical yesterday and he is close to signing for £4 million. If this deal goes ahead I think that will put West Ham back in the black in their transfer dealings this summer. So hopefully there is still plenty of cash for a couple of big name signings.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Northern Monkeys Can't Give Up

Sheffield United lost their arbitration appeal and then decided to break the terms of the arbitration by not accepting its findings and taking the matter to the High Court. Now the High Court has denied them the right to appeal. You would think they would have learnt by now that they deserved to be relegated and should accept their fate.

But no. Speaking after today's High Court decision the club's solicitor said,

"Sheffield United are not precluded from taking further action whether against the Premier League or West Ham. We will consider our position with our professional advisers and make further statements in due course.

"We can’t go to the Court of Appeal on this particular issue and that’s all that we’ve been precluded from doing. Obviously now we have to go away and think about what we can do. As Kevin (McCabe) said recently we’ve got a long agenda of things that we can do with regards to this. We’re still on the first page and I think you can be fairly confident that the issue won’t rest there."

Sheffield United lost any sympathy football fans might have had for them a long time ago. It is now time for the Premier League and FA to tell them to stop or fine them for bringing the game into disrepute.

Sheff Utd Lose High Court

The High Court today refused Sheffield United the right to appeal against the arbitration's panel decision over the Carlos Tevez affair. The High Court in ruling against Sheffield United said that there had been no error in law with the panel's decision.

The decision is likely to annoy sections of the press who have been gunning for West Ham. What are the chances now that the northern monkeys and The Mail and The Times will stop bleating about the unfairness of life? Probably zero.

European Court of Human Justice anyone?

Konchesky Signs for Fulham

Paul Konchesky has signed a four year contract with Fulham. He has left West Ham for an undisclosed fee, believed to be around the £2 million mark.

When Curbishley replaced Pardew there were doubts about whether he and Konchesky could work together after their arguments at Charlton and during the close of last season it became clear that Paul was no longer first choice at left back.

Players Out

The Daily Mirror say that Marlon Harewood will sign for Wigan today for £3.7 million. The Sun say that Konchesky is set to sign for Fulham for £2 million. Fulham Web say that Konchesky underwent a medical yesterday so may also sign today.

Arrest Order for Joorabchian

A Brazilian judge has ordered the arrest of Kia Joorabchian after a two-year investigation into accusations of money laundering in Brazil. He is accused of participating in a money-laundering racket involving the Brazilian club, Corinthians.

A number of papers, The Mail and The Times being the worst, have been happy to print Joorabchian's accusation that he has damning evidence against West Ham as if his every word was gospel and he had no interest in Tevez's transfer to Man Utd.

You might expect that now The Times and The Mail might think twice about printing his fantasies. However I suspect that as of today they will start laying into West Ham for having dealings with such a man.

In a not completely unrelated matter, Sheffield Utd have their day in court this morning as they break the FA's rule that all sides must agree to abide by the decision of an arbitration panel.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tevez Set For Man Utd Medical

Kia Joorabchian says that Carlos Tevez is due to fly back to England for a medical at Old Trafford on Wednesday. He also claims that the transfer of the player from West Ham is set to go ahead,

"Hopefully we'll get all the administrative issues sorted next week and I hope everything will be okay, we don't foresee any problems.

"We spoke to Manchester United tonight (Thursday), they are quite confident we can have him registered by next week.

"Personal terms between Carlos and Manchester United have been agreed in full."

However West Ham insist that the transfer can not go ahead. According to Sky Sports West Ham have made the following statement,

"There is no deal in place regarding Carlos Tevez. He remains contracted to and registered with West Ham and there is no change to that situation.

Obviously, a move cannot take place without the agreement of West Ham and the Premier League."

Yossi Leaves West Ham

The Liverpool FC official site say that Yossi Benayoun's transfer from West Ham has finally been completed. Benayoun has signed for the Reds until 2011 but the site does not say what fee they paid to West Ham for the Israeli midfielder. Sky Sports say the deal is in the region of £5 million.

Baines West Ham's Top Target

The Daily Mail claim that Curbishley is keen on Leighton Baines but will face competition from Sunderland to sign the Wigan left-back.

The paper also says that Birmingham want to sign Konchesky.

Fresh Evidence for Blades - Bollocks

Sky Sports are saying Sheffield United have fresh evidence that will help their case. The story is based on this quote from McCabe,

"We have found out more. It has taken time because everyone is reluctant, but we have 'further information'. We have put it back professionally to the Premier League where we are still looking for answers. Sheffield United will not be pushed around.

"It is ludicrous. Do you expect a company that owns the economic rights to Carlos Tevez and was willing to pay £15million to get them from River Plate to walk away with nothing from his transfer to Manchester United? And do West Ham United expect them to get nothing?

"Behind the scenes we have been digging up information that will be embarrassing for the Premier League to answer. Whether that means we still have to take our place in the Championship, I don't know. This is business and the Premier League have to get hold of that idea - they have to get real."

McCabe was making exactly the same claims before the arbitration panel met. Much of the media fell for this rubbish, with Sky Sports, The Mail and The Times being the worst in reporting McCabe's rubbish as fact, and often attributing this 'news' of 'hidden evidence' to an unnamed source.

You would have thought that they would have learnt by now not to trust this man but I guess they think printing his sensational claims makes for a good story.

Appiah Wants to Join West Ham?

A lot of sites are today reporting on quotes made by Fenerbahce's Stephen Appiah last week, in which he claims West Ham have made an attempt to sign him and he would like to join them,

"West Ham have expressed strong interest in me and I think Fenerbahce will have to listen to their offer," he said. "It is my ambition to play in the Premier League.

"At the start of last season I turned down offers from top clubs in Europe to help Fenerbache lift the title because of my love for the team and fans.

"Even while injured I continued to play - so they should also take my interest into consideration and listen to West Ham."

It is understood that West Ham have made a bid of £7 million. However German papers have been claiming this week that he is about to sign for Schalke 04. They say he has agreed terms with the German club and all that is left is for Schalke 04 to agree terms with Fenerbahce.

League Warning

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been a bit surprised today with the reports that the League have warned West Ham they face sanctions if they let Tevez just walk away. This seems like very old news, but the media are jumping all over it.

The Guardian however have printed this quote from a 'league spokesman' that seem to shed more light on the matter,

"We are satisfied the agreement between West Ham and MSI no longer exists. Joorabchian says it does. The only way MSI can proceed is to sue West Ham for breach of contract."

This sounds very much like the league are actually encouraging MSI to sue West Ham, which is pretty outrageous. There have been calls for the Premier League to act as an arbitrator in this matter. They obviously feel if they become involved they will be criticised by the rent-a-mouths at Wigan and Sheffield United so are abdicating all responsibility.

It seems a court case is inevitable now.

(The Blades are in the High Court tomorrow in their appeal against justice)

Not Another Gadget

The latest unwanted Google gadget is a West Ham video gadget. If you want it click on the +Google button under the box.

I keep having the idea for these and then I'm not happy until I actually work out how to create them. Personally I only use the news gadget (in the right hand column). I only put them on here because someone might want to add them to an iGoogle page.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

West Ham Still Looking

Sky Sports claim that West Ham are still in the market for another striker. I missed the interview on Sky Sports News but the website quotes Alan Curbishley as saying,

"We're still in the market if we feel that there's a player out there that can improve us."

There isn't a direct mention of a striker there and it strikes me as more of a statement that we might buy if we feel the player is right but are not desperate to sign. The other quote from Curbishley on the site,

"I think in some respects ... people would like to see us run before we can crawl, let alone walk before we can crawl - perhaps that's the perception of us at the moment",

actually seems to be an attempt to tamper the expectations of some West Ham fans who still expect West Ham to sign Ronaldinho before the transfer window closes (although I have just read he has a £89million buy out clause, so might be worth a punt).

Tevez, Tevz, Tevez

The Times are again trying to make more sensation out of the Tevez non-transfer. For about the fourth day running they have printed a huge article on this with no more information. Today's headline claims that the 'Tevez wrangle rumbles on after warning for West Ham'. The article then goes on to suggest that West Ham have been warned by the Premier League.

This 'warning' turns out to be the same 'warning' that The Times have been printing for at least a week, namely that the Premier League say Man Utd must negotiate with West Ham and not Kia Joorabchian. I find it interesting that none of the papers actually interpret this as a warning to Man Utd to stop tapping up a player and to actually deal with the club who owns his registration.

Interstingly The Times makes a completely different interpretation from The Mail and Sky on the same quotes from FIFA about this affair. Whereas The Times and The Mail sensationally reported that FIFA were ready to jump in, The Times seems to agree with us that this unnamed, unofficial statement,

"If we do receive a request we would then decide whether we have to look at it or if it is up to the FA to rule on it."

actually suggests they don't want to get involved. The Times in fact says FIFA does not want to get involved in what it sees as a domestic dispute.

What's Going On?

BBC sports editor Mihir Bose trie to explain the Tevez situation.

Bellamy a Popular Hammer

Bellamy's claims over the last two days that he has moved to West Ham because he believes the club will be challenging for Europe has certainly seemed to have gone down well with West Ham fans.

The Guardian are running a poll on whether Bellamy will prove to be a good signing for West Ham. At the time of writing 87% have said yes.

West Ham Have Received No Offers for Tevez

According to The Daily Mail a West Ham club spokesman told them,

"As we have made clear, Tevez is a registered player with West Ham and has a player's contract and there is no change to that.

In order for this to change a formal offer has to be made for the player and we have made it clear that we would like the player to stay. At the moment no deal is in place for him to move."

This reads to me like West Ham are still determined to keep hold of Tevez. It certainly seems to indicate that Man Utd have come to no agreement with West Ham despite clearly knowing we hold his registration.

According to Sporting Life Tevez and MSI have written to West Ham asking for the club to transfer Tevez's registration. Both parties know full well that West Ham can not do this without falling foul of the Premier League. All sides now know that Man Utd most come to some agreement with West Ham not MSI and Man Utd clearly are making no attempt to do this.

Both The Mail and Sky Sports are claiming that FIFA are ready to intervene in Tevez's transfer. However from the quotes both are carrying it is clear that FIFA have said no such thing. According to Sky a FIFA spokesman said,

"If we do receive a request we would then decide whether we have to look at it or if it is up to the FA to rule on it."

Which far from justifies The Mail and Sky trying to claim that FIFA are keen to intervene.

Another Google Gadget

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If you want you can even add it to your site by cutting and pasting the code below into a web page

Not quite as useful is this new slide show gadget of West Ham images people have uploaded to Photobucket. I was bored so I thought I'd try if I could create this. Now I have I'm not sure why. anyway if anyone wants to add it to their iGoogle page they can.

FA Called To Broker Tevez Deal

Man Utd and Joorabchian are calling for the FA to help negotiate the transfer of Carlos Tevez away from West Ham. Most of the papers seem to quote 'a source' saying 'all the lawyers agree' that West Ham can't just tear up the agreement they had with MSI without questioning the fact that Joorabchian's lawyers might be a little bit biased or even asking some independent lawyers.

In fact it is interesting to note that most of the papers seem full of praise for the American owners of Man Utd spending over £58 million in transfer fees and seem quite happy for Man Utd to offer Tevez £90,000 a week in wages.

West Ham have spent a fraction of that and have a wage bill that is only a fraction of some other Premier League clubs and Eggy is blamed for distorting the market.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

West Ham Agree Benayoun Price

According to the BBC West Ham have agreed to sell Benayoun to Liverpool for £4 million. Benayoun had agreed to sign a new contract at the beginning of the summer but after hearing of Liverpool's interest he then asked for a clause allowing him to leave if West Ham received a bid from the Reds.

This seems to have been the final straw for Eggy and Curbishley. Benayoun had already annoyed the West Ham management last season by turning out for his country at the same time as claiming to be too injured to play for West Ham. They therefore responded to his request for a clause by withdrawing the contract offer.

Tevez Shows His Talent

Just in case we were in any doubt of what we could be losing, Carlos Tevez has produced another wonderful performance, this time for Argentina. On Sunday at half-time against Peru with the score at 0-0 the Argentinian manager decided to bring Tevez on as a sub. Two minutes into the second half Tevez had set up Riquelme for the opening goal. The game ended 4-0 to Argentinia with Tevez playing an important role in three of the goals.

West Ham Trial for Okkas

Sky Sports say that West Ham have handed a trial to 30-year-old Cypriot international Yannis Okkas.

The striker is currently without a club after leaving Olympiakos. Okkas had a trial with Blackburn last summer but didn't impress enough to secure a permanent move. With West Ham's signing of Bellamy however Okkas would be seen purely as back-up, behind Ashton, Bellamy and Zamora.

Bellamy Finally Signs

West Ham have announced that Craig Bellamy has signed to the club for a fee of £7.5 million. Bellamy's fee breaks West Ham's previous transfer record of £7.25m for Dean Ashton. On signing for West Ham Bellamy revealed it was the ambition of the club that helped him to settle on West Ham,

"I'm delighted to be here. It's taken a little bit longer than I would have liked but the main thing is that it is done now and I can look forward to the challenge ahead.

"I knew around two weeks ago that there was an opportunity for me to head away from Liverpool, but I had to make sure that any move was the right one for me and not just an off the cuff reaction. I had a lot to weigh up, and in the end I decided that West Ham United was the best move for me, and that's why I'm sitting here now.

"I wanted to make sure that, if I left Liverpool, it would be to a club that is going to be pushing for Europe. I want to play in Europe, it's important to me, and I felt that same drive and ambition here at West Ham.

"Obviously it would be naïve of me to say that we are going to qualify for the Champions League next season, but that's one thing we are really going to be pushing for here in the future.

"The club is looking to strengthen what is already a very good squad, and West Ham are renowned for their open and attacking football, so everything is perfect for me."

Tevez Deal Not Nearly Done

Despite Alex Ferguson's claims Carlos Tevez's transfer is not nearly complete. The Independent quote a West Ham source as claiming "There is still no proposal on the table. Therefore because the Premier League insist that Man Utd must arrive at a deal with West Ham and not Joorabchian it seems like the transfer isn't going to happen soon.

The paper say that West Ham are resigned to losing the Argentinian to the champions and that they will probably find paying compensation to Joorabchian preferable to being sued by him or having another Premier League inquiry.

The Sheff Utd Board Learn Their Fate

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bellamy - the new Keegan or bellend?

Craig Bellamy seems to be one of those players that opposition fans love to hate. He certainly seems to get beneath the skin of some people. But not Danny Gabbidon who is full of praise for his Welsh colleague,

"He would love it at West Ham. He would be an instant fans' favourite. Craig is a quality player, but what West Ham fans would love is that he never stops running, even if the team are 3-0 down.

"He is a defender's nightmare, like a terrier snapping at your heels. I have never known him give less than 100 per cent. Craig would be a great signing for us and would definitely improve the squad."

Bellamy's most famous knocker is of course Alan Shearer. Newcastle chairman Freddie Shepherd claimed,

"Alan Shearer told Bellamy he would knock his block off if he ever returned to Newcastle",

after Bellamy reportedly sent insulting text messages to Shearer after losing to Man United in the FA Cup semi-final.

However getting up Alan Shearer's nose will put a tick in the positive column for many people. What is more worrying is that he seems to have annoyed just about everyone during his time at Newcastle. Graeme Souness said of him,

"He can't play for me ever again. He has been a disruptive influence from the minute I walked into this club. He can't go on television and accuse me of telling lies."

And former Newcastle assistant Terry McDermott claimed,

"I've never come across so much hatred and unrest over one person - what I've learned about him has astonished me."

At Celtic he also annoyed the even-tempered and choir-boy behavioured John Hartson who fumed,

"I'll be having a word. I've been here four years now and you simply cannot afford to go around like he does and say the things he does".

But there are just as many football professionals who have only positive things to say about Bellamy. Like Danny Gabbidon his Welsh team mates concentrate on the good qualities of Bellamy,

"Craig is the closest thing to Kevin Keegan. Their work-rates are very similar - Craig just runs and runs, and so did Kevin." (John Toshack)

"When Craig turns up for training, he trains properly and when he plays he has a go and puts 100% effort in. He is a top professional, with a proven temperament, and is a great ambassador for Wales." (Dean Saunders)

And his other managers have also been fulsome in their praise of Bellamy,

"He is not a one dimensional player, he has a bit of everything and has the ability and intelligence to take information on." (Gordon Strachan after signing Bellamy for Coventry, August 2000).

"We've got a player who I feel is one of the best of his type in Europe." (Mark Hughes after signing Bellamy for Rovers in July 2005).

"Craig played in midfield and I thought he was Lubo Moravcik for a while, making little incisive passes in around the box." (Martin O'Neill praising Bellamy during his Parkhead loan spell).

Man Utd Claim Tevez Soon to Sign

According to Alex Ferguson Tevez is close to signing for Man Utd,

"We are in negotiations and want to make sure there are no side issues. The essential parts are agreed. Hopefully it will be finalised soon."

However from his comments its seems that he is ignoring the fact that West Ham have said that they own the player's registration,

"To be honest, I thought it would have all been sorted by the weekend just gone. It must be the Premier League that is holding it up. From what chief executive David Gill and Maurice said, everything was ready to go. Unless something is being held back from us, I don't know of anything that is holding it up."

Well Alex, what is holding up the deal is that you have negotiated this transfer with Kia Joorabchian and his registration is held by West Ham.

West Ham in For Kamara

According to The Daily Mirror West Ham have made a £5.5million move for West Brom striker Diomansy Kamara. Fulham had looked to have sealed a deal for the striker last week but Heidar Helguson's reluctance to go the other way stalled the deal. The Mirror claim that West Ham now seemed to have beaten Fulham to a cash only offer.

Kamara scored 23 goals in the Championship last seasons and is seen as a replacement for Harewood who West Ham will let join Wigan for £3.5 million.

Fulham upped their offer and have signed Kamara for £6 million.

West Ham on TV

Sky Sports have announced their live coverage of Premier League games for the first four months of the season. West Ham have been scheduled to be shown in three home games and one away. The games are:

Sunday 23 Sept Newcastle v West Ham 1.30pm
Sunday 21 Oct West Ham United v Sunderland 4pm
Sunday 4 Nov West Ham United v Bolton 4pm
Sunday 25 Nov West Ham United v Tottenham 1.30pm

Sunday, July 08, 2007

More Gossip

The People claim Carlos Tevez says his agents have told Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson he is joining the Premier League champions,

Through my backers I have given my word to Mr Fergusion. They have told him that I will be at Old Trafford next season once I make a promise I will not go back on it.

There is not a player who would not turn down this opportunity and the negotiations are too far advanced to go back now."

The People also claim that Wigan have agreed a £3.5 million fee for Marlon Harewood.

The News of the World say West Ham have evicted Tevez from his London apartment, despite claims they want him to stay. They say Carlos Tevez has no idea where his possessions are. Funny how it was widely reported weeks ago that Tevez had moved out of his flat.

The Star believe West Ham and Newcastle united are set for a £3 million tug of war over Canadian Atiba Hutchinson. The FC Copenhagen midfielder has apparently sets his sights on the Premier League. The Sat also claim that Marseille will take West Ham's John Paintsil for £1 million.

The Mirror understand that Man City want Paul Konchesky.

The Sunday Rumour Mill

The Telegraph quote Carlos Tevez as saying he is the only person on Earth who hasn't heard of his loan deal with Man Utd,

"I don't know anything. I'm focused on the Copa America and don't want to think about anything else."

The paper also say Benitez will step up his attempts to sign Benayoun.

The Mail in its continuing mad campaign against West Ham say the club are heading for a furious row with Joorabchian. They repeat Joorabchian's lies about having documents that will tear West Ham apart and say a legal battle will now happen. The Mail give away the sources for their increasingly ridiculous claims when they say that,

"West Ham often refused to return Joorabchian's calls as he tried to discuss an extension of the Tevez deal."

Most of the other papers refer to the near signing of Bellamy, the possibility of Benayoun going the other way and West Ham's statement that they own Tevez's registration.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mullins to Charlton

KUMB are reporting that Hayden Mullins looks set to join Charlton for £1 million.

Doesn't this leaves us a little weak in central midfield? I'm not confident that Quashie or Bowyer could provide adequate cover if Noble or Parker are injured for a long time.

Bellamy Agrees Personal Terms

West Ham have issued a statement today saying that Craig Bellamy has passed a medical and agreed personal terms with West Ham but has yet to sign. Apparently, although West Ham have agreed a £7.5 million deal with the Reds, Bellamy still has private contractual issues with Liverpool which need to be resolved before the transfer is finalised.

West Ham say that Bellamy is to meet with Liverpool Monday morning and the club expects the deal to be finalised after that.

Tevez Wants to Learn From Fergie

The Daily Mirror say that Carlos Tevez ia looking forward to working with Alex Ferguson,

"I only know Alex Ferguson from what I see from the outside but I believe he is a great manager and that I will be a good pupil for him."

The Times make a good stab at explaining how the deal might proceed. They say that West Ham having torn up their contract with Joorabchian and assert their rights over Carlos Tevez can't now simply cancel the player's contract. This would merely convince the Premier League that they never tore up the contract in the first place.

To satisfy the Premier League Man Utd must strike a deal with West Ham for Tévez. That means that any fee would have to be paid to West Ham and not Joorabchian.

The Premier League will want to see that a “significant portion” of the transfer fee remained with West Ham and, given that it has power to scrutinise transactions over £25,000, that will be easy. If not again West Ham will be thought to have covered a continuing third party contract with Joorabchian.

To avoid being sued by Joorabchian the club will presumably have to pay compensation but will have to be careful that the amount doesn't raise the suspicions of the league.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bellamy Signs?

The Daily Mail are claiming that West Ham have signed Craig Bellamy for an initial £7.5m, rising to £8m. They are also reporting that Djibril Cisse has plumped for Marseille over West Ham.

The Independent whilst agreeing that the Welsh international had a medical and agreed personal terms on a £70,000-a-week contract claim that the deal is still being worked out. West Ham's reluctance to include Benayoun as part of the deal is the sticking point.

The paper says that Benayoun reneged on a verbal agreement to sign a new club and returned from holiday saying he wanted a clause saying he could move to Liverpool if they bid £5 million. West Ham said no and withdrew the original contract offer whereupon Benayoun said he would never play for the club again.

The Independent say West Ham want a straight cash offer for the player. They want £9 million but will settle for £8 million.

The Thickening Plot

Eggert Magnusson this evening issued the following statement,

"Carlos Tevez is a registered West Ham United player, contracted to the Club until June 2010. There is no agreement with West Ham United for Carlos Tevez to leave the Club and we expect him to return in time for next season's preparations.

"No decision on his future can be reached without the agreement of West Ham United."

According to KUMB Kia Joorabchian has responded to Magnusson's statement by saying that Tevez has agreed personal terms with Manchester United - and that West Ham United gave him permission to talk to other clubs.

Tevez Medical Today

The Daily Mail say that Tevez is to undergo a medical later today and if he passes he will join Man Utd on a two year loan, with an option for a further three. They also say that West Ham will receive a 'compensation payment' for releasing Tevez's registration to Manchester United.

The Mail claim that West Ham had first refusal to sign Tevez on a three-year deal for £40 million but declined the opportunity and gave Joorabchian written permission to begin negotiations with other clubs three weeks ago.

West Ham to Buy Liverpool

Well it seems that way. Following on from rumours that West Ham are about to sign Craig Bellamy Sky Sports now say that West Ham have made a bid for Djibril Cisse. Sky Sports are reporting that this has been confirmed by Rafa Benitez.

Marseille were believed to be leading the chase to sign the forward but it is believed they were not prepared to meet Liverpool's £9 million asking price. Something that West Ham might be prepared to do.

Sky Sports are also claiming that Carlos Tevez has agreed a two year loan deal with Manchester United and that United's representatives have flown out to Venezuela to get the deal signed and sealed as quickly as possible.

Presumably a 'two year loan deal' means West Ham are loaning their best player to the league champions. No one can say we are anything but generous.

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